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The Power of Personalized Product Recommendations

Marketers clearly influence consumers by delivering relevant messages and content and making the shopping experiences more personal to them. This personalization enhances the buying experience for a prospective customer, and as a result can also accelerate sales, improve conversion rates and increase revenues. Amazon, the e-commerce retail giant, was a pioneer in these efforts, creating […]

Business Intelligence

Predictive Analytics – Predicting and Influencing Behavior

Marketers and businesses are always looking to better understand their customers and potential customers, seeking to know what influences the purchase decision, and what actions or encouragements will accelerate sales. Organizations have looked more and more to data science to gain valuable information including insights into customer behavior from the growing volumes and types of […]

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Sales Force Automation – Improve Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience

Sales force automation technologies have increased exponentially in recent years and businesses are implementing these software solutions at a rapid pace to enhance productivity, accelerate the sales cycle and improve revenue. As the name implies, sales force automation (SFA) is basically the process of maximizing the efficiency of the repeatable processes a sales person performs, […]

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Streaming Unstructured Data – Analytics in Real Time

The Big Data Explosion There is much current writing on the phenomena of big data with the explosion in data volumes and new and varied types of sources. Data analysis is vital to businesses today. It informs everything – cost analysis, inventory control, financial reporting, lead generation, customer profiles, sales acceleration and more. As economic […]

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The Many Benefits of Email Tracking Software

In today’s age of information, we are surrounded with useful data that we either didn’t know existed or were simply unable to obtain. Information that could greatly benefit our businesses and accelerate overall sales. To aid with this, companies of all sizes are turning to a wide variety of sales acceleration software for data collection […]


Using Buyer Personas to Accelerate Sales

Buyers in today’s inbound marketing environment are empowered by the information readily available to them and control much of the purchase process. This necessitates marketers to get in front of potential buyers early on and to personalize the buying experience for them. The imperative is to “know your customer.” Marketers sometimes create ‘buyer personas,” an […]


Why Your Business Needs Local Presence. Today!

The telephone is an essential tool for businesses in outbound sales, as well as for customer service call centers. Caller ID is prevalent on most telephones, some even with audio announcements of the caller’s name or number. In years past, companies would generally have a number with an area code reflecting the company’s physical location […]


Appointment Setting: Do Take “No” for an Answer

Appointment Setting: Do Take “No” for an Answer Any aspiring salesperson is taught the value of persistence. It is arguably the foundation of the profession as success is rarely attained without it. Yet between all the strategies out there, from initiating conversations to overcoming objections, the virtue of patience can be forgotten. While persistence is […]


Email Tracking – Enhancing Sales Acceleration Efforts

Many companies use sales acceleration techniques to help prospects move through the sales cycle and reach the final purchase decision, particularly in connection with inbound marketing efforts. Marketers’ interactions with consumers obviously depend on effective communications. In today’s digital age, email has a primary communication role all the way through the sales process, important from […]