sales acceleration evolution

How Sales Acceleration Has Evolved in One Short Year

Many of the traditional tenets of successful sales outreach hold true year after year – even decade after decade. Technology, though, has introduced a whole new dimension to the world of sales, which provides both challenges and opportunities for forward-thinking sales professionals. Marketing automation and sales CRM systems are two areas that have experienced massive […]

sales expectations & goals

How to Set Proper Sales Expectations & Goals

How do you set demanding sales goals that push sales reps to go beyond their comfort zone but aren’t set so high that they’re unattainable to reach? Too much stretch to goals leads to impossible demands and counterproductive results. If salespeople find the goals unachievable, they disengage and the sales results come in even lower […]

include in sales voicemail

What to Include in Your Sales Voicemail

Leaving a perfect sales voicemail isn’t easy. You’re on the spot, being recorded, and it can easily become nerve-wracking if you overthink it. Sounding natural and unrehearsed is important, but attaining that natural, confident tenor usually comes with, well, practice! As more and more communication goes online and digital, and actual phone conversations decrease, it’s […]

wasting time

3 Things Your Sales Team is Wasting Time On

Sales is, in a lot of ways, a numbers game. The more qualified prospective leads you’re able to reach out to, the more conversions you’re likely to make. That’s an extremely simplified way of looking at it, but still, it’s fundamentally true. It’s numbers and speed. How many can you reach, and how quickly can […]

increase inside sales

5 Ways to Increase Inside Sales

“Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers cannot compete in a highly competitive world.” As a sales leader, motivating and inspiring your inside sales team is a crucial component to your overall success. Fortunately, the following five tips will help increase inside sales by upping your team’s productivity and results. Gamification Believe it or not, gamification makes sales […]