Ensure an Efficient Sales Acceleration Process with These Few Tips

The goal of any sales organization is to generate sales and increase revenue. The sales cycle is like a funnel, which begins with marketing to a targeted customer group, which then tapers into leads. These leads in turn further narrow into qualified leads, a portion of which then become sales. […]

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marriage of sales and tech

The Perfect Marriage – Leads And Technology

Digital technology and the Internet have provided buyers with easy access to more and more brands, sellers, purchase information and buying opportunities. Customers are able to access products and solutions faster. Those changing patterns and technology have also transformed traditional marketing and sales force activity. This is especially true with […]

The Optimal Pace for Your Sales Team: Tortoise or Hare   Recently updated !

When getting your team ready for the challenges ahead, the classic tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare” might be the last thing on the mind of sales leaders. How could this children’s story provide any insight before heading off into the field? As a salesperson, you know it’s imperative […]

Tortoise and the Hare


7 Tried and True B2B Appointment Setting Techniques

One of our favorite lead generation sayings is that within each sale, two sales actually take place: the selling of the appointment, and the sale of the service. Appointment setting, thus, is the first “sale,” and is a crucial step in the purchasing process. So, what steps can your business […]

Appointment Setting for Small Businesses: How to Be Heard Above the Big Dogs

If you’re a small business, winning sales appointments over large companies may often feel like David fighting against a multitude of Goliaths. But, if you take a simple shift in perspective, you’ll see that you actually have many advantages over large companies— all it takes is playing up these advantages […]



How to Effectively Sell to Millennials

Generation Y has been making waves in the business world as both productive workers and dependable consumers deeming it essential to gain a thorough understanding of the ways to appeal to their unique characteristics and needs. The three tips below address the best ways to capitalize on this technology-savvy generation. […]

Convert B2B Leads to Long-Term Customers

The business-to-business industry may very well face one of the most difficult challenges in regards to generating leads. While some efforts may have no success or gradually fall short, these results-oriented tactics will help a B2B lead generation strategy continually see positive results. Test Prior to Purchase There are several […]



3 Essential Tips For Lead Generation Networking

Networking can bring a struggling company to the top of the corporate ladder thanks to positive interactions with the right people. Whether a company is just beginning their lead generation adventure or if they have been in business for years, figuring out the best ways to utilize a lead generation […]

3 Critical Social Media Practices for Businesses

Social media has continued to grow as a vital part of online marketing plans and as a valuable lead generation tool for businesses worldwide. Developing and maintaining a social media plan for your business not only helps capture new prospects, but also nurtures current clients or customers, builds brand awareness, […]



The Formula for Deal Generation

As lead generation transitions to the more efficient and effective strategy of deal generation, it is imperative to understand the differences between the two. The primary differentiators can be broken down into four components: strategy, prospects, work and results. Proven methods are an essential component of both lead and deal […]