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A Structured Sales Process for Greater Success

The sales industry has gone through a dramatic transformation over the past decade. Advancements in digital and computing technologies have enabled informed buyers to exercise more control in the buyer-seller relationship. In addition, marketing and sales has moved more and more from a traditional outbound format to an inbound model. An industry that had been […]

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Part 2: Three Technologies to Motivate Your Salespeople

A primary role of sales leaders is to motivate their sales teams and improve their performance. As technology, data and science have now become primary drivers in the sales industry, these provide powerful tools to help improve motivation by increasing productivity, efficiency and perhaps the strongest of all – sales performance and results. Gamification technologies […]

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Part 1: How to Evaluate Weak Links in Your Sales Team

In today’s highly competitive sales industry, sales organizations and managers must focus on performance. Success by the individual sales team members translates into success for the organization. Management is able to measure results by various metrics and key performance indicators for the sales team members as well as the organization. However, there are both high […]

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Sales Acceleration: It’s Not a Matter of If, It’s When

Digital information technology and the Internet have dramatically altered the landscape of the sales industry, changing the relationship between buyers and sellers. Buyers are much more in control of the purchase process, researching independently, more informed and more demanding – shifting the industry toward inbound marketing and sales from traditional outbound sales models and creating […]

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The Importance of Local Presence in B2B Sales

Most people dislike making cold calls. However, sales organizations constantly need to bring in new prospects in order to bring in new business. As the name indicates, sales acceleration technologies are tools to accelerate or speed up the sales cycle. These tools can dramatically change the cold calling process in outbound business-to-business sales. Even with […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is crucial for sales organizations that rely on leads and a key element of their success. The sales cycle still involves suspects becoming prospects and prospects becoming leads. A critical step in the process of then converting those leads into actual customers is the sales appointment. The sale comes only after the sales […]