Using Buyer Personas to Accelerate Sales   Recently updated !

Buyers in today’s inbound marketing environment are empowered by the information readily available to them and control much of the purchase process. This necessitates marketers to get in front of potential buyers early on and to personalize the buying experience for them. The imperative is to “know your customer.” Marketers […]



Why Your Business Needs Local Presence. Today!   Recently updated !

The telephone is an essential tool for businesses in outbound sales, as well as for customer service call centers. Caller ID is prevalent on most home telephones, some even with audio announcements of the caller’s name or number. In years past, companies would generally have a number with an area […]

Appointment Setting: Do Take “No” for an Answer   Recently updated !

Appointment Setting: Do Take “No” for an Answer Any aspiring salesperson is taught the value of persistence. It is arguably the foundation of the profession as success is rarely attained without it. Yet between all the strategies to go out there, initiate conversations and overcome objections, the virtue of patience […]



Email Tracking – Enhancing Sales Acceleration Efforts   Recently updated !

Many companies use sales acceleration techniques to help prospects move through the sales cycle and reach the final purchase decision, particularly in connection with inbound marketing efforts. Marketers’ interactions with consumers obviously depend on effective communications. In today’s digital age, email has a primary communication role all the way through […]

Just How Accelerated Is Sales Acceleration?   Recently updated !

The name says it all: sales acceleration increases the velocity of sales moving through the pipeline. By cutting corners and simultaneously adding powerful tools that proactively jumpstart the process, sales acceleration adds efficiency that saves businesses time and money. When deciding whether or not to make the investment, managers may […]


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Gamification – Applications in the Workplace   Recently updated !

As explained in a previous article, there has been much discussion in recent years about the rapid growth of businesses and other organizations using “gamification” in their activities, the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts. These techniques are being used across a broad range of applications to […]

Gamification: The Future of Workplace Motivation

Behavior during game play can tell a lot about a person. Silent Sally may prove to be not so coy in a riveting round of trivia while Laughing Larry may surprise you with how focused and serious he can become under pressure. Playing games can bring out the best and […]


Business Intelligence

How to Use Business Intelligence in Sales Acceleration

It’s easy to list off all the reasons that sales acceleration boosts profitability for businesses. What can be forgotten, however, is how much its performance is improved by utilizing business intelligence. Sales acceleration thrives off of accurate business intelligence. In essence, it is the fuel that drives the process. Sales […]

Appointment Setting Across Cultures – Dos and Don’ts and Where?

When setting appointments with others in the same country, people tend to overlook the habits that have become second nature. But if they travel abroad uneducated about the culture of their destination, they will likely fail to make a lasting connection. Every country has its own form of business etiquette […]

Appointment Setting

Convert Consumers

Part 2: How To Convert Consumers In The Decision Making Process

Many marketers use a sales acceleration strategy of more frequent contact, more information, and more repetition. However, with an overload of information, consumers may just shut down. Too much choice can be debilitating for the consumer decision process. In a widely cited and revealing experiment, Sheena Iyengar, of Columbia Business […]