Sales Planning Guide 2018

Sales Planning Guide 2018

We have already stepped into 2018 with all its promises, underpinnings, technological breakthroughs, economic upheavals, and disruptions. As the sales department is the most vital function of your organization, a solid sales plan and execution is what can help you sustain and even supersede your targets and set you as an industry leader.

This eBook is the master guide for you to garner all your resources to rejuvenate the most important function of your business: sales. It discusses in detail, right from the basics to the methodologies of formulating a full proof sales plan. It explains every step of the sales process and elucidates the practical hurdles that salespeople have vocalized in the past and the ways to overcome it. It is written by the seasoned sales professionals to help the sales fraternity, managers and business owners with a detailed discussion on the sales process, end to end, for you to maximize your revenue.

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