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More Conversations
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banner & Microsoft Dynamics Integration for Intelliverse

Sales teams use list views and filters to increase efficiency during prospecting. Rather than sorting through an entire database, leads can be segmented and targeted in a variety of ways. Managers and reps can also use lists view to monitor leads at different stages of the sales funnel.

  • List views allow sales reps to segment leads by status, locations, lead status, etc.
  • Intelliverse‚Äôs CRM integration with sales acceleration increases the number of calls to targeted leads in and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Calling lists can be created by selecting prospects in or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sales acceleration software automates calls giving sales reps more time to focus on selling

  • Eliminates need to manually enter information into CRM because updates are automated
  • Intelliverse call logs and contact histories transfer seamlessly through integration and Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • List views can be changed without losing contact histories

  • CRM integration allows reports to be generated and viewed in Intelliverse or and Microsoft Dynamics

Add Leads and Contacts to Intelliverse from any list view in or Microsoft Dynamics.


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