Social Media Solutions

Businesses must be social.

Your customers are using social media as a way to research products and services. Social media is an integral channel through which you can give interested buyers information about your business as well as illustrate the benefits of your products and services over your competitors.

IntelliBuzz is a social media management and analytics solution that lets you cut through the clutter of social media and focus on the areas that are most important to you.

Intelliverse helps sales teams use social media to sell better

Harness the power of Social Media!

  • Social Selling

    Use social media to increase close ratios, gain insight about customers and competitors, engage & influence decision makers and discover who has recently joined or left a company.

Social Selling and Social Marketing is an integratl part of modern sales practices.
  • Social Media Marketing

    Leverage IntelliBuzz's social analytics to monitor and measure your brand and campaigns, benchmark competitors and research industry trends and topics.

Intelliverse social media crm enables your support team to engage with your audience & transform social conversations into actionable insights
  • Social Media CRM

    Engage with your customers in real-time by finding questions, comments, or complaints- and give your support team an easy way to respond.

Transform social conversations into ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS
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