No matter which industry you work in, there’s always fierce competition on the sales side of things. As your sales team travels around the world, they need all the edge they can get if they’re going to bring in new clients.
Fortunately, there are myriad apps designed to facilitate your sales team’s travel process so they can focus on what they do best – selling! Read on to find out the best travel apps available in 2017.


The concept behind TripIt is simple but incredibly useful. Send them your travel email confirmations, and their app generates a neat itinerary for your sales team, including everything from flight details to car rental confirmations. TripIt also includes maps and information about your departure and arrival airports to facilitate any layovers your team may have.

Cost: Free, with the option to upgrade to TripIt Pro for $49/year.


With Silvercar, your sales team can skip the long car rental lines and paperwork and simply meet their silver Audi A4 outside. This app is disrupting traditional car rental services with their entirely in-app experience. Select the time you want to pick up your car, and it will be waiting for you at the airport.

Cost: The app is free, and car rentals average around $49-$79/day.


Hipmunk makes booking flights and hotels easy. The app compares all the top travel sites to find the best deal for your sales team. Hipmunk will also give you tips on the best nearby restaurants, shopping, and more when your team arrives at their destination.

Cost: Free (also available on desktop)

Sales Navigator

Never get lost again with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, a route mapping app that’s designed to help your sales team find the most efficient route between your customers. The app will also show your team, leads and sales opportunities near their customers, so they can make the most of their sales runs.

Cost: Free for the first month, then $79.99 per month


Although not exactly a travel app, Dragon allows salespeople to take voice memos, reliably transferring them into text. It’s perfect for the sales rep who’s struck with a bright idea while running through a terminal or navigating traffic in a new city. The app also offers a host of other features, including location sharing, calendar organization, directions, email dictation, and more.

Cost: Free


Make sure your sales team never arrives at their destination hungry with Grab. The app allows you to browse restaurants at the airport near your departure gate and place an order to pick up and go quickly. They’ll also provide you with a map of the restaurant from your current location. No more wasting precious moments of a short layover waiting in line for food.

Cost: Free


Sometimes, your sales team’s schedule may require them to do a quick day visit to a different city. You can ensure that they show up to their meetings feeling fresh and rejuvenated with DayUse, which allows you to book hotel rooms for a few hours during the day. With over 3000 partner hotels in 16 countries and over 100 cities, your salespeople will always have a home base where they can shower, nap during a layover, or get some work done.

Cost: Free

Cool Cousin

If your sales team is looking for a place to unwind with a bite to eat or a drink in a new city, they no longer need to turn to Yelp or TripAdvisor for recommendations. Cool Cousin partners with “in the know” locals to provide off-the-beaten-path recommendations for restaurants, bars, and tourist sites in 14 cities (with more coming soon). You can even chat with your “cousin” to get more recommendations or tips.

Cost: Free


PlanChat is a simple way for your sales team to plan and coordinate their joint sales trip. The app allows a group to track expenses, share flight and rental details, take polls on activities, and chat about the trip – all in one user-friendly platform. The app also provides guides and tips on what to do in your destination.

Cost: Free


Lola can serve as an app concierge for your sales team when they travel. The personalized service can book flights around your team’s meeting, find hotels in the most convenient location for the trip, and reschedule bookings in case of delays or changes of plans.

Cost: Free to download. Hotel reservation assistance is free, but there is a $25 planning fee for flights.

If your sales team is still struggling to get to the “traveling” part of the sales program, then you’ll need to enlist some help. Intelliverse has 30-plus years of experience generating and transferring leads to talented salespeople. With our help, you’ll soon need some well-tested travel apps of your own.