2016’s Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange

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2016's Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange

Salesforce is a veritable behemoth of knowledge, resources, and tools for sales teams and individual sales professionals, and their AppExchange is no exception. With nearly 3,000 apps on the exchange, sorting through them all and weeding out the wheat from the chaff is no small task.

AppExchange transactionsTo make your life a bit easier, we’re sharing our take on the exchange’s best apps for sales professionals, including some insight into what makes these apps better from the rest. These are widely used by the sales professionals of the industry to make their jobs easier and to garner more sales. Get ready to app-ify your sales process.


SwagIQ allows you to send gifts to prospects and clients at the ideal time. You can send branded items, custom messages, or elegant food with ease. It also keeps track of your budget so your team doesn’t go overboard. This eliminates stress for admins who typically spend a chunk of their time running around fufulling requests and documenting expenses.


Box is a widely used free app that helps teams improve their collaboration by enabling individuals to easily share and manage files within Salesforce and Salesforce1. The main appeal of this app is its simplicity providing an effortless collaboration from any device.  Moreover it’s intuitive and easy to use. Changes on any file can be done without downloading the file or even people can work together on an office file as well. It helps teams move faster by cutting out email back-and-forth bottlenecks, and helps teams understand how to drive customer conversations by identifying the assets that are most effective.


Want a way to easily gather feedback from customers and prospects? Clicktools does just that. Clicktools enables you to collect insights to improve business performance and helps you to capture valuable information throughout the customer journey. It lets you send simple surveys quickly to non-Salesforce contacts, Salesforce contacts, leads… pretty much anyone! The surveys are uber easy and fast to build, and you can export your findings into nifty, useful analytics reports.


The initial set-up for this app is free, but to get the full power, you’ll need to pay. The Timesheets.com app is quick to set up, and the sheets provided can be used for billing, payroll, time-off, accruals, and project billing and analysis. Individuals, small- and medium-sized companies can easily track hourly time, project time and non-standard time and expenses, making HR and book keeper’s jobs easier, and giving you more time to focus on sales.


Sending a custom proposal can be time-consuming for your sales team. Even worse is when you draft a proposal, your prospect requests a few changes, you spend time editing it, all to find out that she’s left for a vacation for two weeks. With Proposify, you can create templates, quickly edit details, and keep track of stats in one dashboard. Prototypes can be created and archived with valuable metrics to alter and hone your proposal writing skills for better win rates. They offer a free trial period, so we recommend checking it out for 30 days.

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We live in an increasingly app-ified world. The apps have made our lives easier. Most importantly the popular apps are designed by the practitioners of the respective fields to make the tasks easier and to amplify the output of the end result. Understand the bottlenecks of your business, customers, and industry and with these apps from the Salesforce AppExchange bring some ease and speed to your workflow!

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