According to Richardson’s Annual Selling Challenges Research Study, setting appointments with decision-makers or influencers is the most challenging part of sales prospecting. The following is a look at four challenges reps face when setting discovery calls.

1. Time Management

Making appointments with decision-makers is a time-consuming process for a B2B sales rep. These tedious steps involve accessing inaccurate databases, cold calling, qualifying leads, and setting appointments. There is a lot of time wasted on ineffective prospecting. Sales reps should be focused on nurturing existing opportunities, strengthening relationships with customers, and closing deals. These activities take priority over cold calling, which is the most effective prospecting tool in the sales process.

2. Outdated Database

According to Forbes, sales reps spend around 65% of their time on non-revenue-generating activities and the remaining on sales. Making time to update and maintain the extensive database and sales pipeline is difficult as they should be focused on closing deals. An outdated and incomplete database is a deterrent to the smooth flow of the sales cycle. Hence, it is crucial to have accurate information about your prospects, leads and accounts in your CRM.

3. Handling Objections

Objections, refusals, and deviating from topics are hurdles while setting appointments. It may lead to a situation where reps may fall short of reaching the goal, which would run the sales pipeline dry. Also, B2B sales reps may not have or acquire this talent as they focus more on converting prospects into customers.

4. Ineffective Script

Although sales representatives can be efficient at pitching, selling, and closing deals, oftentimes, they are ineffective at cold calling. This is largely part due to the lack of preparation, practice, and a well-curated script. When cold calling, you have seven seconds to grab your prospect’s attention and 8-12 to keep it. This is important to keep in mind when developing your script. Unfortunately, more often than not, those in sales miss this mark.

The most effective way of overcoming these challenges is partnering with an outsourced appointment service company. Managed appointment setting companies provide experienced and effective business development reps who will deliver your sales team with qualified leads and appointments. They are skilled at handling objections and work collaboratively with your team to develop an impactful script. Also, these companies have proven methodologies and technologies to ensure your success.

Outsourced appointment setting companies will gather the latest information about prospects. Supported by modern software products and applications, they will clean up your database. You will notice more qualified leads filling your sales funnel, which will improve your brand awareness. Your sales team will have access to more accurate information on your CRM, which will help them convert prospects into customers sooner than later.