Cold calling is a proven and successful methodology that generates sales leads that can be converted into revenue. In B2B organizations, cold calling can be a time-consuming activity. The term ‘cold call’ refers to unsolicited outreach to individuals or organizations without previous relationships or connections. However, Business Development Reps of managed appointment setting companies use the below four tricks to turn cold calls into warm call leads.

Preparation is Key When your cold calls are answered, consider the prospect’s time and be brief. Begin the conversation by confirming their availability to take your call. To use everyone’s time more efficiently, you must be well prepared. A finely tuned script is an effective tool. In order to build rapport, have an excellent understanding of your prospects’ needs, and know how you can fulfill them. By practicing the process, you will become more confident at tackling cold call leads.

Do Not Rush Cold Calling Process

In a perfect world, you would set an appointment with the decision-maker every time, on your first call. However, even the most experienced Business Development Representatives have to put the time into the process to connect with the decision-maker. Often, appointment setters will rush the initial conversation, but successful Business Development Reps will respect the process. They will take their time to listen and educate in order to set a qualified appointment.

Establish a Trustworthy Relationship

Stephen R Covey, the American educator, and author, said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” The key to developing a strong rapport with potential clients is patience. Allowing ample time for the prospect to speak will better equip you with vital information to offer them a solution to their challenges. When you listen, you are presented with opportunities to gain the prospects’ attention and trust. Creating the building blocks of a great business relationship will help the rest of your team’s sales process.

Follow up Regularly

Follow up is the step in the sales process, where many Sales Representatives fail to execute. Often, a potential customer will fall through the cracks due to the lack of follow-up. Successful appointment setting service providers ensure that each lead gets the proper and appropriate attention necessary to convert into a qualified appointment. Outsourced appointment setters provide the nurturing that sales teams rarely find the time for through tools, applications, and processes.

Sales teams of B2B organizations should be focused on converting sales. Cold calling, qualifying leads, and setting appointments might seem like a daunting task for your sales team. But a reputable B2B appointment setting firm has talented and experienced appointment setters who are supported by the latest software and technology to overcome these challenges. Outsourcing appointment setting will build a robust sales and marketing pipeline and eliminate your investment in technology, training, and resources, which will ultimately result in increased revenue.