Cloud-based sales dialer software applications are dramatically revolutionizing the way inside sales are being carried out. The latest advancements in technology have made the average sales process much more efficient. They are helping organizations reach more prospects and converting them into customers in much less time. The cloud-based communication technology supported by real-time reports and analytics delivers speed and predictability to the sales process.

1. Discover What Time of the Day Your Sales Reps Have the Most Conversations

The calls and recordings made by your agents are automatically logged to the CRM . The reports generated contain the connection rate per hour. This information makes it easy to learn what time of day people answer the phone and what time they do not. It allows Sales Management to analyze the sales reps’ performance in real-time so they can make proactive data-driven decisions.

2. Quickly Determine the Validity of a Lead List

As a campaign progresses, if agents do not have many fruitful conversations and find many incorrect contacts, the lead list is most likely ineffective. The real-time reports and analytics provided by the software deliver transparency and visibility to the sales process . From there, you can quickly decide to stop the campaign, create a new list and start a new one. With the increase in the frequency of iterations to make a new contact list, it will be easier and faster to validate it.

3. Curate a Convincing Script that Yields Maximum Results

Going along with the last point, if sales agents are having many conversations but are not scheduling meetings or qualifying those leads, then most likely, the script needs to be adjusted, or they need to be coached. With real-time reports, call monitoring capabilities, and call recordings, you can quickly determine how well a sales pitch or sales agent performs. The same even goes for Pre-recorded Voicemails. Quickly determine which messaging gets the best response rate and find your perfect voicemail.

4. Using Local Presence Increases Your Chances of Calls Being Answered

According to various surveys, recipients are apprehensive of answering calls from unknown numbers, especially when the caller ID displays an out of state number. Having a local ID in every state will ensure you always calling from a local number. Marketing research reports that Local Presence increases the chance of a call being answered by up to 40%. In addition, you own all the Local IDs, and all returned calls will be routed to your direct phone line.