In any relationship, experience is as important as outcome. The same holds true for customer relationships as well. No doubt the advantages matter, but experience is what makes customers stay. Organizations spend millions on build marketing campaigns to drive customers to their contact centers. The agents taking these calls are expected to not only sell the product or service being marketed, but also upsell, cross-sell, and establish an exceptional customer experience.

Contact center solutions have great potential to boost the customer experience ROI. From following customer sentiments, learning their intent, to aligning customer needs, the whole shebang is a part of the Omni channel marketing strategy.

Once you apprehend how impactful your customer’s experience can be, you’ll want to leverage it for more returns. Here are four ways your organization can guarantee the success of your marketing campaign by incorporating it with contact center solutions.


It is essential for the marketing team to take inputs from operations and other relevant departments to accurately reflect the success of their marketing campaign. The contact center can offer great insights to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. For instance, understanding customer requirements through calls may be useful for the marketing team in developing offers. Through collaboration and coordination across teams, marketing professionals can put the right plan in place by setting realistic expectations to make maximum use of the budget.


Although this seems obvious, oftentimes the contact center operations team is not entirely briefed about the campaign or expected goals for every agent. If the contact center team is involved in the planning of the marketing campaign, the campaign is more likely to be a hit.

But just making them a part of the campaign is not enough, it is important to instruct supervisors on how to get all agents motivated about the campaign and convey the benefits they’ll receive.

Also, as part of any effective marketing effort, setting a budget for incentives for the operations teams generates excitement around the offer and improves the ROI of the campaign.


In an efficient contact center, team leads, operations managers, and supervisors should spend at least 50% of their time training agents. Aligning on-the-floor coaching with the campaign will ensure highest potential for success. Training the agents on situations such as handling various customer’s reactions should be part of the program.


One way to ensure the spent dollars convert to revenue is by making sure your marketing team effectively works side by side with contact center operations.

Ultimately it all boils down to your operational efficiency. In most cases, customers have a bad experience because contact centers are often poorly staffed or underequipped. It is essential to hire the right people, invest in the right tools, train your agents and have daily reviews. The dollars spent to drive customers into the contact center can turn into a disappointment in no time if agents are not prepared to convert calls into sales. A well-ordered process will ensure consistent results.