The voicemail to email feature is an enhanced functionality offered to all voicemail users. Voicemail to email allows a steady connection and gives users the ability to listen to voicemails on the fly. Voicemail to email ensures that you never miss a message and helps you respond at the earliest. When a person has left a voice message, you can acknowledge the message receipt if you cannot immediately act on it. Your promptness will earn the sender’s appreciation.

How does the voicemail to email work? The voice messages received in the voice mailbox are forwarded to the subscriber’s registered email as an attached audio file. The formats of the audio files may be .wav or .mp3. Some service providers also go one step further. They transcribe the message and send it to the email as a text. Now that there is a fair understanding of how this feature works, how is it useful to customers and clients?

1. Better visibility to voice messages

Since the voicemails are linked to an existing email address, you will receive your voicemail messages either in the form of an audio file or text format. According to CNBC, American professionals spend around six hours checking emails for both professional and personal needs. Every time you open your inbox, you will be aware of the voice messages received in your voice mailbox, saving you some time from logging into the telephony side to get messages manually.

2. Greater accessibility

The internet is available to almost everyone everywhere. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops have made it possible to connect to the web on the run. It has enabled the ability to check emails from any nook and corner. Thanks to the voicemail to email feature, we can access voice messages as simple as checking emails.

3. Reduces your time and effort

In the absence of this feature, you will always have to access your landline on your desk or go through individual voice messages via a cell phone device. The standard procedure is to access the voicemail option, dialing into the voice mailbox, perhaps entering a PIN or passcode. The voicemail to email function will allow you to check emails only and not have to access the voice mailbox at all.

4. Faster response

Once a voicemail message is received and promptly forwarded to the email address, the faster the response. The sooner you receive a message, the quicker the response. When your callers try to reach out to you over the phone but are directed to a voice mailbox, the least they expect is acknowledging their message. When you check your email for voice messages, you can soon send an acknowledgment to the caller if you are not in a position to act immediately. Callers will appreciate the gesture. In case of an emergency, this feature allows the recipients of the calls to make quick decisions to address the situation.

5. Documentation

Maintaining a record of voice messages becomes simpler. Since there is a quick conversion of the voicemail messages to forward to the email address, messages can be filed in folders accordingly. The messages can be stored and accessed later for future references. The ability to alleviate a limited storage capability on the telephony side is another plus to having the voicemail to email feature!