How to get appointments in sales?

Wouldn’t it be great for Business Development Representatives to make sales appointments with their prospects with little effort? It’s a long shot, isn’t it? However, with these five strategies, you can make setting appointments more successful.

Gain Maximum Knowledge to Develop an Appointment Setting Scripts That Work

Before you start calling your prospects, learn all you can about the company you represent. It would help if you had a thorough knowledge of its products and services and how it can solve the prospects’ problems.

Having an understanding of your prospects’ challenges in advance will net a more productive first encounter. A good BDR knows to use its resources to acquire the information needed to be successful.

With this knowledge, you can write a convincing script that will make a lasting impression on your prospective clients.

Politeness & Courtesy

As your prospect takes your call, begin with a proper greeting. Confirm that it is an excellent time to talk and that you did not catch them at the wrong time. It will show that you respect your prospect and their time. At the very least, this will ensure they give you a better time to try them back.

Good Conversational Skills

Good conversational skills are often misunderstood as the ability to speak well. A significant portion of a conversation over a telephone involves listening, acknowledging the speaker, and pausing whenever necessary.

When you listen well, you understand the prospect better. It gives you insight into their needs. While listening, acknowledge by responding appropriately. The prospect will realize that you are interested and engaged in what they are saying. When the prospect has finished, wait at least three seconds before starting to talk. Ask the right probing questions when it is your turn to speak. It helps create an organic conversation. You will know their areas of challenge and where you can be of assistance.

Create Interest

After making the right inquiries, you will have a better understanding of your prospects. Now it is your opportunity to foster an interest in them about your offerings. Having listened to your prospects’ problems patiently, you are in the shoes of a consultant. As a consultant, be your prospects’ problem-solver and propose solutions. When they identify you as a potential solution to their problem, they will listen to you more attentively. They will be more interested in knowing how you can be of help.

Overcoming Objections & Following up

During the conversation, there is a strong chance that your prospect may raise objections or reject. Do not be discouraged. Please rely on your script and use rebuttals to their objections. Gather more information and the reasons for refusals. With this knowledge, you will know when to follow up. Most appointment setters fail in this part of the business development activity. You have to be patient and persevere in setting that sales appointment.

Master the above five tactics, track your progress, and you will be more successful at setting sales appointments before you know it. As an appointment setter, you will be feeling accomplished by the end of the day.