Generating leads and converting them into appointments is essential for any business to succeed. However, setting B2B appointments is considered one of the challenging aspects of sales prospecting as reps need to grab the prospect’s attention. By outsourcing an Appointment Setting Service, you can fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads while your sales team focuses on closing deals. It is a cost-effective way to get qualified appointments and enhance customer experience. The assigned Appointment Setters operate as an extension to your workforce, not just a telemarketer, and build trust among prospects and customers.

Intelliverse’ Managed Appointment Setting Service boosts qualified leads and provides complete visibility into the sales funnel. We appoint highly professional, and well-trained sales agents who schedule appointments on your behalf and deliver hot leads to accelerate the sales process. They engage in effective sales conversations with potential clients, representing your brand professionally across multichannel. Our B2B Appointment Setting Service can help your business increase its revenue and drastically improve the chances of setting appointments.

Follow these tips to improve your Appointment setting skills-

Strategic prospecting: Salespeople often lose out on prospects as they fail to listen to their needs or are unable to manage the sales pipeline well. Businesses must prioritize sales opportunities by obtaining an accurate lead database to create an efficient sales process. Our B2B Appointment Setting Service knows that traditional prospecting is not enough for business growth, so it optimizes strategic prospecting techniques that involve identifying the right sales opportunities and determining the leads that are more likely to qualify. Warm calling, email drip campaigns, content marketing are some of the useful hacks to streamline your prospecting efforts.

Cold calling: While strategic prospecting strategies help improve the outreach, some of the traditional prospecting methods like Cold calling are still effective in driving revenue for businesses. Intelliverse‘ Managed Service Providers have extensive knowledge about your organization’s products and services, which prompts them to ask the right questions at the right time from prospects to qualify more leads. Our experienced Appointment Setters have expertise in handling a high volume of cold calls. They follow scripts customized to suit your business requirements and access real-time insights to close deals quickly.

Lead nurturing: After qualifying leads, the next important step is to nurture them by developing and maintaining relationships with your prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. Companies with successful lead nurturing strategies tend to generate higher sales and generate improved response rate. Marketing automation in lead nurturing and sales acceleration tools helps boost qualified leads. Some of the popular lead nurturing techniques include email marketing, online communities, LinkedIn networking, etc. Our Appointment Setting Service enhances the quality and quantity of your leads by nurturing them at the right time to get solid ROI.

Follow-ups: Reminding the customers about their appointments is essential, and our Appointment Setters never fails to send purposeful reminders to your prospect’s calendars. We follow up with them regularly to update the latest information about your organization’s services and provide details regarding new product releases, special offers, invitation to events, etc., via email marketing and calls. After the initial pitch, these follow-ups prompt the prospects to take action quickly and help in developing a relationship with the customers.

Ask for feedback: Our B2B Appointment Setters collect feedbacks from prospects after the appointments. By doing so, we let them know that your organization values their opinion and is committed to improving the services to fulfill customer demands. We convey the inputs received from prospects to your sales teams so that they can enhance their marketing strategies. These feedbacks increase customer retention by providing client data that eventually helps in the decision-making process of your business.

Intelliverse’ Managed Appointment Setting Service offers the following features to add value to your sales teams:

• Qualified leads and Appointments
• Hot live transfers
• Real-time insights
• Experienced Appointment Setters
• Meaningful conversations
• Ensured Commitment