Appointment setters play a key part in the sales and marketing team. They keep the sales pipeline flowing smoothly. By cold calling prospects, analyzing and qualifying leads, and setting appointments for sales reps, their contribution to closing sales is monumental. Because appointment setters are a critical link to the business development team’s success, they should possess these five qualities.


Appointment Setters – List of Necessary Qualities

Self-Motivation and Dedication

An appointment setter’s job can be very demanding and thankless. Staying positive and confident is the key to success. More often than not, Business Development Reps meet with rejections and objections. Although they are good at overcoming them, they may not achieve the intended result in most cases. Also, they should focus on setting appointments that will convert into sales. Successfully setting qualified appointments for the sales rep will reinforce morale and motivate them further.

Conversational and Soft Skills

Business development reps should be great conversationalists. However, appointment setters must understand that while speaking with prospective clients, they should listen more and talk less. It is common practice that reps spend 80% of the time listening and the remaining 20% talking. Potential customers will often reveal information while speaking that will help set the appointment. Also, certain etiquettes have to be followed while cold calling. When recipients answer the calls, greeting them is an excellent way to start. Continue with the pitch after finding out if it is the right time to talk. It will express the caller respects their time. When the prospect has finished talking, wait at least three seconds. Ask questions if necessary. While speaking, be very clear and concise. Confirm that the prospect understands and is on the same page.

Overcoming Rejections and Objections

All appointment setters face rejections, objections, and unexpected questioning. It’s all a part of cold calling. Time constraints will also challenge them. Experienced Business Development Representatives have the knack to overcome such situations. They would know how to gracefully accept rejections, circumvent objections, and stick to the topic to meet the goal.

Analytical Aptitude

Reading the prospects is the key to qualifying leads and setting appointments. Appointment setters require intuition and basic people skills to assess the opportunity. Business Development Reps will have to take what they discover to tailor a custom approach to each call.

Last but not least,

Appointment Setters Must Look for Constructive Feedback

During the calls, appointment setters need to find underlying opportunities to learn and adapt. Discovering those moments to improve their craft is invaluable and often overlooked. Taking criticism and applying it will make all of the difference in one’s success.