It’s nearly the end of 2021, and Cold Calling is still an effective method used by organizations to build their sales pipeline. Sales teams struggle to meet their targets because of low pick-up rates and call blocks, eventually resulting in a loss. Businesses using toll-free numbers often tend to lose out on prospects because they may look like telemarketers, spam, or robocall. Local presence dialing can help your business overcome this barrier by increasing conversation rates 4X and reinforce trust among customers.

Local numbers are associated with a specific location, and your caller ID matches the area code of the prospect’s number. So if you are located in Plano, Texas, your local area code would likely be 469, 214 or 945. A recent US survey stated that only 7% of prospects are likely to answer a call from an unknown number, while 27.5% answer calls from a local area code. Assigning a local number prompts effective communication, improves customer satisfaction and creates a strong local presence.

Benefits of Local Presence Dialing

  • Cost-effective: Local presence dialing automates any area code to a local area code, eliminating the high cost and hassle of renting area-specific numbers. It avoids the expense and inconvenience of establishing multiple office locations. Local numbers are affordable as compared to toll-free numbers, which bear calling charges. It is appropriate for small and medium-sized organizations that conduct most of their business within cities or regions. It enables you to communicate with your clients anywhere, anytime, and on any device without extra cost.
  • Local Presence: Local numbers create a virtual local presence for your business, even when you are not physically present and are more trustworthy. People feel more comfortable receiving a call from a local number rather than a toll-free or out-of-area number. It instantly creates a positive first impression to your prospects, increasing the connect rates 4X to close more deals. It presents your business as reliable and friendly in the local market as people are more likely to support local businesses.
  • Increases connect rates: Customers rely on businesses that are convenient and professional in handling calls. Local presence dialing offers direct connectivity to the customers without any mediators in the sales funnel. It results in better customer retention because local numbers provide efficiency and predictability to the sales process while accelerating decision-making. It boosts connect rates by enhancing local visibility and expands business reach.
  • Customer satisfaction: Toll-free numbers are less personal and barely focused on target regions, whereas local numbers have a strong regional presence. Local presence dialing is an easy way to handle calls and connect with customers by displaying local area code, which builds trust that they will be offered personalized service. It gives the impression that the prospect will be speaking to a real person and not a robot. Effective communication creates a sense of security and is an affordable way to expand your business and bring new opportunities.
  • Easy Tracking: Adding local numbers to your marketing campaigns attract local clients and offer the feasibility to track calls easily. A local number on your company’s website allows businesses and prospects to connect instantly. You can track where the customers are in the sales funnel by analyzing the type of customers reaching your business. After tracking the numbers, you can reach out to the target audience and take the right action at the right time.

Local presence dialing has become essential for businesses who want to connect with customers personally and create brand awareness in the local market. Local numbers indeed establish trust and enhance connect rates, and improves sales outcomes. It can help your business compete with large companies by improving productivity of your sales teams without exceeding your budget.

Why IntelliDialer?

While every business understands the importance of connecting with prospects, IntelliDialer will help you achieve it through Local Presence Dialing.

  • Improves outbound prospecting and connect rates up to 40%
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  • All inbound calls are routed back to the number of your choice

IntelliDialer for Salesforce also offers Automated Call logging, CRM integration, unlimited talk time, Click 2 Dial, Pre-recorded voicemails, Call Recording, and Real-time reporting to make for a seamless dialing experience for your sales teams.

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