Qualities that make a great salesperson

5 Unique Qualities that Make a Great Salesperson

Sales isn’t for everybody, least of all the faint of heart. It can be a difficult, exhausting job, but for those who have the right set of traits and quirks, there’s often no better role.

Some of the more obvious traits in a good salesperson — open, honest, communicative — go without say. But what about those lesser-seen traits that can give a sales professional a leg up? Here are our top 5 unique qualities that make a great salesperson.


Think the MacGyver of the sales world! Someone who’s resourceful succeeds in sales because they don’t let one, two, or even 100 obstacles stand in their way. If one solution doesn’t pan out, they simply look for another, and will “make do” with what they find. Does that mean they can make a sale with just a toothpick and paper clip? Maybe not, but it’s fun to think about!


This might not hold true for all sales people, but for some, having a geeky side can really play to their advantage. Geeky folks often have a tendency to get really excited about the new tech or tools they’ve discovered. Translate that excitement into the sales process, and they’re sure to stir up excitement in their customers. That kind of attitude can truly be infectious!


Sure, you want your top performing salespeople to succeed because they care about the product. But let’s get real: Many sales folks succeed in large part because their personal worth is tied into how good they are at what they do. Arrogance can go too far, but a healthy dose of ego can do wonders in motivating a sales professional.


Before you say, “No way! The best salespeople are extroverts!” — hear us out.

Extroversion can be an awesome trait for most sales professionals. But some introverted people have an uncanny talent for listening, and for empathy. The first person you go to for a listening ear is probably an introvert, or at least someone with introvert-like qualities. So don’t write off the quiet salesperson — they could be your most powerful silent weapon.


Look for folks with a reporter’s mentality, because the curious salesperson is a salesperson who knows how to make a customer feel like your company truly cares. Instead of looking just for an “in,” the curious sales professional knows that to lay the groundwork, you need to demonstrate to your prospective customer that you care. So if your prospective sales pro asks an annoying amount of questions in their interview, don’t write them off!

While sales may not be for everyone, there are lots of folks with a wide range of personality traits who can succeed at and enjoy a profession in sales. So don’t write off a candidate solely because they seem quiet, dorky, or a bit arrogant. They could turn out to be your top performer!

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Jason Hassler

Jason is responsible for Intelliverse's development and sales efforts to better connect businesses with their customers. Jason comes to Intelliverse with 20+ years of sales and management experience, with the past 15+ in cloud solutions.

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