According to research, 92% of customer interactions place over the phone. A phone is a powerful tool that never goes undervalued, even in the era of the internet. However, customers complain that the most used communication gadget doesn’t completely fulfill their requirements. On many occasions, calls end up at voicemails going unanswered or being abandoned.

Studies explain that, on average, sales reps make 52 calls a day, and 80% of their time is spent leaving voicemails. In such situations, sales reps may get demotivated as they fail to gather leads into the pipeline. This is the scenario that forces businesses to adopt a sales dialer to help the teamwork efficiently and get results.

In simple terms, a sales dialer is a software as a service that simplifies manual dialing while calling prospects. It assists sales reps with boosting results by allowing them to have more conversations at the right time.

• Manage time

Manual data entry takes a lot of time since it comprises a long list of numbers to make sales. It further claims your time when the calling process happens—by dialing the wrong number and leaving unnecessary messages. A sales dialer software program addresses such challenges by eliminating manual data entry, which will yield clean data and more opportunities to have a conversation. Sales Agents can avoid the frustration of dialing and leaving voicemails so that they stay energized and focused on delivering the best pitch.

• Ensure communication

At times, calls are left unattended by prospective leads in the first attempt. In such situations, sales reps are supposed to make multiple attempts to get them on the line. A sales dialer helps reps to retry the abandoned calls after the specific fixed time. It is programmed with different retry strategies for different results. For instance, a busy call can be retried after 5 minutes, while a non-answered call can be redialled after 2-3 hours. For abandoned calls, the time gap can be 48-72 hours, and so on. This is an effective strategy for sales reps to never miss out on leads.

• Focus on calls

A sales dialer differentiates calls based on the response from the other end. It intelligently identifies unproductive numbers such as do-not-disturb (DND) and fax lines. This information stops reps from spending time checking if the call is answered by a real person. So, they can follow up only on the productive calls and focus exclusively on personalizing customer interaction and close the sales deal.

• Efficiently manage leads

Lead generation through cold calling is not a cakewalk for sales reps. Sales dialer software deserves greater attention in this regard by generating more leads by dialing a large number of telephone calls automatically and simultaneously. It also plays a significant role in concerned with conversation rates by recording, organizing, and managing the lead information efficiently.

• Monitor multiple marketing campaigns

The new-age sales dialers come with features to enable businesses to run and monitor multiple marketing campaigns efficiently. It enables options for the businesses to scale up or scale down the hosted auto-dialers according to the precise needs of a marketing campaign or the size of the customer base. Sales reps can analyze the performance of various marketing campaigns by generating reports based on updated and real-time data.

Final thoughts

sales dialer software is the way to streamline marketing campaigns and business flow. They allow businesses to run and monitor campaigns efficiently without building and managing on-premise IT infrastructure.

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