The ultimate goal of any business is to keep its customers happy. Call Center agents play a key role in driving customer satisfaction as they engage with your callers every day. So, it becomes essential that they are productive and handle all the calls skillfully. Some of the tactics to improve your sales reps’ performance can be implementing continuous training, monitoring KPIs, equipping them with the best technology and so on.

Contact Center Solutions by Intelliverse can assist your business in boosting your Call Center’s operational efficiency and help gain better results. We ensure to deliver exceptional customer experience by enabling your agents to interact with clients across multichannel.

Our Cloud Contact Center provides a set of comprehensive features to empower your agents to deliver higher performance-

• Live queue monitoring: This technique allows businesses to track their agent’s activities in real-time with the help of call analytics. A transcript of every call is generated automatically and a call playback is available so that managers can analyze their reps’ performance and provide accurate feedback. If any customer issues arise, the system will instantly alert your business so that you can take action at the right time instead of finding them after the call has ended.

• Customized reporting: The feature enables you to get personalized on-demand Customer Self Service 24/7. You will be able to access account balances, due dates, and payment information through the Account info line. The location service guides will help you to transfer callers to the desired location. Our software collects data and compiles it into a single customer profile so that you can manage your incoming calls accurately.

• Web-based client portal: Our user-friendly portal provides you with in-depth insights into how your agents are performing. The detailed analytics will allow you to monitor call queues and make the processes more efficient. You can easily read and interpret the database provided through a single window. By using a web-based client portal, you will be able to access relevant information which will help your business improve its customer engagement by increasing responsiveness.

• ACD and IVR solution: These modern-day VoIP features will ensure to route your callers to the right extension while cutting down wait times. By equipping your sales team with these cloud communication services, you can improve your agents’ productivity as they handle calls quickly and not worry about losing customers. According to Hubspot, the average Call Center hold time is around 13 minutes and a prospect is willing to wait nearly 2-3 minutes. However, 57% of customers find long hold times frustrating and businesses lose their brand loyalty. By using our ACD and VoIP solution, your agents can communicate effectively with customers.

• Skill-based routing: This tool can help your business streamline its communication process. It enables you to assign the incoming customer calls to the most suitable agent instead of simply choosing the next available agent. It is an enhancement to the ACD system. Skill-based distribution will improve your call resolution rates and decrease first response time. As the specific agent handle queries that are more in line with their skills, the average time with callers is reduced and they are able to handle clients more efficiently.

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