Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, says, “Cold Calling Works: You Just Do It Wrong.” This statement is true in the case of B2B sales representatives. Since they are focused on closing deals, they do not have the time or skills to cold call, qualify leads, and set appointments with decision-makers or influencers. A B2B enterprise should look into appointment setting firms. Bringing on an outside firm will save your sales team valuable time. Their sales team should be focused on converting the leads generated by the Business Development Representatives of managed appointment setting companies.

These experienced appointment setters have a talent for booking appointments faster.

Six Appointment Setting skills they acquire over time are explained below

1. Anticipating the Course of Conversation

When speaking over the phone with potential customers, one has to be prepared. Seasoned Business Development Representatives can predict how the conversations would progress. They have a well-structured script. It contains an introduction, information about the company and products they represent, answers to the FAQs, etc. They are also well versed in handling conversations that go off-topic. They know how to overcome rejection.

2. Improved Listening Skills

Successful appointment setters are aware of the importance of listening to the prospect. They know the value of well-developed listening skills. The prospects reveal information to those with a keen ear. It is easier for Business Development Reps to convert these prospective clients into an appointment for their sales team.

3. Assessing Prospects

Qualifying a lead is a skill that appointment setters gain over time. It can be a challenge to determine if your contact is the best person to speak to. However, with practice, trial and error, and experience, one will gain more confidence by asking tough questions. With time, Business Development Representatives will quickly confirm they have the right point of contact.

4. Earning Prospects’ Trust

Smart Business Development Reps build rapport with potential customers before setting appointments. After listening to the prospect and expressing an understanding of the problem, the appointment setter earns their respect. Developing that relationship will pay dividends in the future at any time a trusting buyer may need your services or solutions.

5. Guiding Prospective Clients to Make Decisions

It is important to end a phrase with a question to keep the prospect engaged. Allowing potential customers to decide, including an agreeable appointment time, makes them feel empowered. They will walk away from the call with a good impression of the appointment setter and the company they represent.

6. Perseverance

Patience is a virtue every Business Development Reps must possess. It sometimes takes several attempts to catch the prospect at the right time. It takes commitment to the appointment setting process.

However, being cautious is paramount while trying to seal the deal. Smart appointment setters never let the potential buyers feel they are too pushy. Proper follow-up skills are essential to a Business Development Representative’s success.

These qualities take a lot of time and effort to develop. But in managed appointment setting service organizations, these attributes form the core of their appointment setters. They are trained in these skills to deliver qualified appointments faster. Having acquired these qualities, business development representatives will do better at converting cold calls into useful sales leads and setting appointments.