There are plenty of tried and true methods when it comes to snagging leads. The advent of the internet and social media has broadened sales professionals’ opportunities, but there’s always room to get creative when generating more leads.

Let’s look at some out-of-the-box ideas to boost your leads list, as well as what to do with that ever-growing list to ensure your follow-up is up to snuff!

Create a viral video

Easier said than done, yes, but creating a video that shows your company’s unique differentiators in a clever, funny, and unexpected way is a surefire way to generate some new leads.

There’s plenty of inspiration out there for this tactic, with Dollar Shave Club being one of the leading examples. More traditional companies are getting on board, though, and there’s really only one rule: the weirder, the better.

Host a webinar on best practices

Phone calls and online guides are great, but educational webinars that give prospective leads insight into best practices within their industry accomplish various things.

They position your company as a thought leader worthy of respect, and they also give you a unique opportunity for gathering contact information and an excuse to follow up!

Create a free tool or publication

This passive source of leads requires some upfront work, but it pays off dividends if you do it right. Create a free guide or tool that’s genuinely relevant and useful to your audience, then require contact information to obtain it. You’llYou’ll have a regular source of leads, and you’ll be providing your audience with something they can use.

Here’sHere’s how Intelliverse utilized this method with an eBook.

Host a podcast

Podcasts are the latest, greatest thing in social media.

Much like a webinar, but with less audience participation, podcasts show off your knowledge and skills while also providing useful information in an easily digestible way. There is no need for attendees to tune in at a particular time; they can listen at their leisure, perfect for busy professionals.

Partner with related companies for even farther-reaching results.

Utilize social media

“Warm” calling is the act of using the information found online, often through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to gain insight into your prospects before reaching out to them.

Social media is beneficial for lead cultivation, too, with LinkedIn, in particular, being an excellent tool for networking and lead development.

Think of it as like an online water cooler. By using the information you find in a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, you can develop a relevant subject line and call to action in your email to them.

Answer questions online

Plenty of professionals post questions on sites like Quora. That’sThat’s where you come in.

Answer questions on Quora and similar online forums to show your expertise, and always link back to an email address gathering landing page on your website. That way, when people searching for answers online find your well-crafted response, they’ll be more likely to think of you as a source of insight moving forward.

Speak at a conference

What better way to show you know what you’re doing than to provide a thoughtful workshop or address at an industry conference? Be prepared with a suitcase full of business cards and other swag, and don’t be shy about networking.

Gathering leads a huge part of sales, but knowing what to do with them when you’ve got them is a whole other animal.

By using smart sales acceleration software, you can get the most out of your lead-gen efforts!