Advancements in communication technology are changing the way sales and marketing is being done. Inside sales grew because of the developments in telephone and internet. However, selling over a phone is extremely challenging as the sales reps cannot see the prospects and read their expressions. Within a fraction of a second, the Inside Sales Reps have to cold call, grab the potential buyer’s attention and convince them to buy. The chances of conversion in such cases slim, especially in the case of business-to-business sales.

Despite the latest technology-enabled sales and marketing applications, B2B organizations continue to rely on their Outside Sales Representatives to close deals. It is common knowledge that B2B Sales Reps are unable to find time for business development activities. As they should be focused on closing sales, activities like cold calling, qualifying prospects, and setting appointments with decision-makers get pushed back. This scenario leads B2B organizations to a precarious situation where the sales funnel gets clogged. However, regular B2B sales appointment campaigns by a team of experienced appointment setters can solve this problem.

Partnering with some of the best appointment setting companies saves a lot of effort, time, and investment. The skilled appointment setters take on the heavy lifting of cold calling and qualifying leads. These Business Development Representatives follow these simple steps to ensure a successful appointment campaign.

1. Preparation

Alexander Graham Bell, the American inventor of the telephone, said, ‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.’ For a business-to-business lead generation campaign to succeed, the Business Development Reps must know the company, product, prospects, and the appointment setting process. Thorough training, feedback sessions, skills improvement programs, etc., help these Business Development Representatives to be prepared for upcoming appointment setting drives. It builds their confidence, and they become efficient appointment setters.

2. An Excellent Script

A finely drafted script is a handy tool for Business Development Reps. Each lead generation program requires a unique script as it serves different purposes. It helps Business Development Representatives to stick to the point, use the least amount of time and make a lasting impression on the call recipients. The script provides consistency to the campaign and helps increase brand awareness.

3. Showing the right courtesies

When prospects answer the appointment setters’ cold calls, the latter should express gratitude to the former as they have responded to an unsolicited call. Greeting the recipients, confirming if it is the right time to speak, finding out when is the next best time to call would instantly earn these decision-makers’ respect. The next call to these potential buyers would be warmer, and striking a conversation would be easier.

4. Keep Your Introduction Brief and Impactful

According to various surveys, a cold call’s average talk time does not last more than two minutes. Hence, the introduction should be brief, including about the company and oneself. Following the script to the tee would help the Business Development Representatives achieve it.

5. Laser-Focus Approach

During the calls, it is highly likely that conversations might go off-topic. It may lead to the loss of purpose of the call, ultimately failing the lead generation program. Before kicking-off a B2B appointment setting campaign, making the Business Development Reps understand its objective, uniqueness, molding them, practicing the script is essential. A project management approach to every lead generation program involving a project manager, team lead, quality analysts, and experienced appointment setters will provide the desired focus.

6. Arouse Interest

Business Development Reps should be good conversationalists. Making engaging conversations is a significant part of their job. It requires them to raise the interest of the decision-makers they are calling. By asking the right inquisitive questions, allowing the prospects to open up about their problems, and conveying that a meeting with Sales Representative can solve their issue, would gain their attention. A finely drafted script would contain these queries that create curiosity in the decision-makers.

7. Handle Objections Tactfully

Convincing anybody is not a simple task, and decision-makers especially. They will have many questions to ask, objections to make, and reject in the worst cases. But an experienced Business Development Representative knows how to handle such situations. A good script will comprise the FAQs that these decision-makers may pose and appropriate responses to them. There could also be situations where they may reject, but gracefully accepting it exhibits the appointment setters‘ professionalism. It helps in creating a great impression about the Business Development Representative and the organization.

8. Speak with Conviction

When making conversations, especially to convince decision-makers, it is essential to exude confidence. Only by believing in the solution you are proposing would it be possible for you to speak confidently about it. It helps you gain the trust of your call recipient.

9. Ask for the appointment

After having shown the value of meeting a Sales Representative, it is crucial to ask for the right time for the appointment. Finalizing it and conveying it to the right people within the team would bring closure to an appointment setting call.