Businesses opine that they predominantly adopt a telemarketing strategy when they need to strengthen their sales pipeline. They consider it a handy option when required to promote a product/service in a pre-defined budget.

Telemarketing can be used by all businesses regardless of their size. It effectively reduces the sales cycle by specifically reaching leads, new and existing customers to create more opportunities.

Why is telemarketing important?

Unlike other marketing strategies, telemarketing is more effective for organizations, especially during the creation of product and service awareness. Using telemarketing, organizations can obtain information in the form of feedback by the sales representatives during the calling process. When integrated with CRM, organizations can build their sales pipeline while mapping the entire conversation with the contact. This makes it easier for the sales representatives to move sales opportunities down the funnel.

Businesses may also opt for a telemarketing strategy by engaging companies that provide appointment setting and lead generation services. This strategy effectively decreases the initial setup and training cost that would occur when setting up a team in-house.

How do companies conduct B2B telemarketing services?

Businesses adopt telemarketing services by following either of the two methods:

1. By outsourcing

Outsourcing of telemarketing services is beneficial for small-scale businesses as well as businesses with little or no budget. It enables them to generate leads and bring them into the sales funnel without spending much money.

2. By creating an internal department

The companies with big-budget mostly develop an in-house telemarketing team to facilitate their sales processes. Those companies are in a position to bear the additional operational costs that come with extra staff maintenance expenses.

Uses of a telemarketing service

Telemarketing is used either as an independent marketing strategy or as a combination with other strategies that enhance the sales process. Though its primary aim is to promote products and services with the customers, it has several other objectives too.

Let’s discuss the major functionalities of a telemarketing service.

1. Selling of products/services

The right implementation of a telemarketing service can strengthen a business sales program by attracting leads to the process. Thus, it is widely embraced by businesses to conduct promotional programs via call campaigns. These campaigns are usually designed and scripted so that they are aware, create an interest, qualify and sell based on the product and service when applicable. Usually, the entire process is completed over a single call and successfully avoids the physical presence required by vendors and customers in a sales process.

2. Generating qualified leads

The most significant aspect of a telemarketing service is its ability to generate leads who decide the existence of a business. It secures new customers involved in the process by enabling the organization to interact with them and identifying their requirements. Moreover, it ensures that timely follow-ups that don’t deny customers information or service.

3. Connecting people

Customers in this age give more importance to maintain robust relationships with businesses that support them vehemently. Telemarketing plays a significant role in this regard by putting a live human voice on the phone with another human. This develops a genuine interaction between people who are involved in the sales process. It nourishes their relationship through the business process.

4. Keeping a better track of sales

Having a better track of sales is important in business. Telemarketing allows sales representatives to keep tabs on various parameters such as region, gender, age group, job title, etc., that demand their product/service the most. This tracking enables businesses to build new strategies to enhance their sales.

5. Getting immediate feedback

Feedback from prospects is always considered a crucial step to improve the business. Once feedback is received, businesses change their strategies and processes according to that. Telemarketing is an excellent solution that helps businesses in this regard. It enables them to receive immediate feedback from customers and create new strategies by considering that.

Wrapping it up

B2B telemarketing is a new way to enhance the sales process. Businesses embrace it to meet their targets easily and effectively. It creates more sales opportunities, thus drives business growth.

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