Salespeople have to keep track of multiple tasks, and while doing so, they are unable to focus on customer service, which results in huge losses. Businesses have started spending substantially more on technology by optimizing a plethora of sales acceleration tools such as CRM software, email campaigns, etc., to enable their sales agents to work smarter and serve their customers proactively. 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, so it is crucial to handle calls effectively. By integrating an effective CRM with your Sales Dialer, your sales teams can engage in more meaningful conversations and reap higher profits.

One of the key factors behind the success of CRM integration is its easy availability. Companies want access to customer data in real-time to engage in targeted and highly productive outreach. Intelliverse Sales dialer software, ‘IntelliDialer’ seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM to manage huge customer databases and provides all essential information of the contact beforehand to initiate timely callbacks and follow-ups. It minimizes manual data entry by accelerating the sales process.

5 ways IntelliDialer will help your sales teams-

1.Eliminate manual tasks

On average, a sales rep spends approx 6-8 minutes on each call and manages to make only 20 calls per day using manual data entry. IntelliDialer boosts conversation rates up to 40% and increases your sales team’s productivity by eliminating manual tasks. According to the Invesp 2020 report, 42% of prospects would be interested in making a purchase if sales reps contacted them at the agreed specified time. IntelliDialer enables effective call handling, better monitoring, and automated data interaction to streamline your sales lead pipeline.

2.Track customer history

IntelliDialer fully integrates with Salesforce CRM to analyze contact history and call logs by streamlining the sales process and improving customer interactions. The contact histories, call recordings, and essential documents are conveniently stored and tracked within it. Incoming calls and emails are matched using the CRM and routed in the right direction in less time. It provides necessary details about the contact prior to the call so that sales teams can have more meaningful conversations and boost qualified leads.


Power dialers are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on handling huge-volume outbound calls. IntelliDialer helps your sales teams avoid the time-consuming task of selecting and dialing numbers so that they can focus on providing value for your business. It is an affordable way to identify the right time to reach out to prospects and create a competitive edge with big companies. So, investing in sales acceleration tools like Salesforce CRM integrated IntelliDialer is a wise choice to prevent losing deals to competitors.

4.Increased productivity

Our Salesforce Dialer automates the sales process by avoiding unnecessary duplication and helps to increase the productivity of sales agents. Managers can oversee their rep’s marketing efforts by analyzing sales teams’ KPIs and refer to call recordings to identify common pitfalls. Sales reps can also review call data reports and gain valuable insights about the performance of each individual or for their entire teams. IntelliDialer can handle high-volume outbound calls easily by syncing and filtering new contacts in an instant.

5.Improve customer satisfaction

Effective communication is a key factor needed for any business to succeed. Through CRM integrated Sales Dialer, sales teams can personalize their customer experience by sending emails and texts directly from the stored contact history. It accelerates the sales process by improving response time, filters unwanted calls, and identifies targeted leads that are most likely to qualify. The Sales reps’ cold calling efforts are also streamlined which saves their time and enhances work-life balance, eventually improving customer satisfaction.

With IntelliDialer CRM integration, your sales reps can make outbound calls in a single click within Salesforce. The integration offers:
  • 30 minutes of free dialing for testing upon Sign up
  • Self-Service Sign Up to enable you to start making calls immediately
  • Unlimited customer support
  • No installation or usage fees
Apart from CRM integration, IntelliDialer also provides other useful features to make for a seamless dialing experience for your sales teams. Some of them are listed below:
  • Unlimited calling
  • Local presence
  • Call recording
  • Automated call logging
  • Click 2 dial
  • Voicemail drop

Improve your sales outcomes drastically by downloading IntelliDialer from the Salesforce App exchange TODAY!

Intelliverse’s Sales Dialer software is available at $49 user/month all inclusive.