Gamification – Applications in the Workplace

There has been much discussion in recent years about the rapid growth of businesses and other organizations using “gamification” or the application of digital game design techniques to non-game contexts. Gamification helps to cut the boredom and induce a competitive spree among the employees and the users enhancing the output of processes. These techniques are being used across a broad range of applications to achieve a variety of goals. Human-Focused Design Yu Kai Chou, who has lectured at Stanford University and in Ted Talks, describes…Continue Reading “Gamification – Applications in the Workplace”

motivate underperforming sales staff

In a perfect world, your team would come to work every day amped about their jobs, ready to sell to the best of their ability, and leave feeling accomplished and satisfied. Sometimes, that world is a reality. What’s far more likely, though, is facing the challenge of motivating an underperforming sales professional or even an entire sales team. Some abide by the “get on board or get out” policy, and there are certainly circumstances where firing an employee is an appropriate response, but it should…Continue Reading “How to Motivate your Under-Performing Salespeople”

How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company

No sales team kicks butt 24/7, 365 days a year. We all fall into slumps, but what can really make or break a sales team’s success is how long those slumps last, and what you as a leader do to break out of them. One way to pull your team out of a slump and get them firing on all cylinders again is to implement an incentivization plan. Trips are a great way to fire people up; who doesn’t love visiting a new place and…Continue Reading “How to Implement Incentivized Trips into Your Company”

Employee Engagement & Gamification

Even the best sales teams need a little boost once in awhile. Being perennially self-motivated sounds great in theory, but the reality is, sometimes… slumps happen. What’s more, teams may go through periods where they’re not necessarily in a bona fide slump, but could still benefit from a nudge to drive engagement and thus conversions and sales. And honestly, when wouldn’t teams benefit from a bit of a boost now and again? Enter gamification! It sounds complicated, but in practice, it doesn’t have to be….Continue Reading “Why Employee Engagement & Gamification is a Winning Duo”

Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

Ah, summertime. The time of year for vacations, pool parties, BBQs, and staring longingly out the window waiting for the clock to strike 5. It’s no secret that staying motivated can be tough in the summer. Sales professionals aren’t immune to this. But, there are ways to keep your team motivated, forward-thinking and maybe even excited about making progress and meeting goals during the warmest months of the year. Let’s look at some practical – and also fun – ways to keep morale and motivation…Continue Reading “How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated into Summer”


A primary role of sales leaders is to motivate their sales teams and improve their performance. As technology, data and science have now become primary drivers in the sales industry; these provide powerful tools to help improve motivation by increasing productivity, efficiency and perhaps the strongest of all – sales performance and results. Gamification technologies have been shown to be effective at improving the productivity of salespeople. Sales automation technologies offer the clear advantage of improving sales team efficiency. Sales acceleration technologies speed up the…Continue Reading “Three Technologies to Motivate Your Salespeople”