Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habits (KASH)

They often say selling is both an art and science. Wonder why? Selling requires both hard and soft skills. Knowledge and skills refer to the technical expertise and understanding customer needs and how your product or service fulfills those needs, which relate to the left side of the brain. As knowledge is the sum total of both academic and practical learning acquired over a period of time, it decides the competence and successful individuals in any career. Skill refers to the competencies gained through experience…Continue Reading “Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Habits (KASH) – matters most for success in sales”

Ten traits of a super salesperson

Abraham is one of the star salesmen in a company who is into software selling in the B2B arena. Abraham says sales is an exciting profession for him with an element of instant gratification as he can close the deals faster. Jenny joined the organization a year ago, but she finds sales an intimidating profession as she can’t close deals so easily. This is something that is widely noticed in sales. Few are exceptionally successful in selling while others find it hard to cope. Identifying…Continue Reading “Ten traits of a super salesperson”

The Psychology Behind Consumer Decision Making

Consumers now have easy access to extensive amounts of information to be better informed which influences their buying decisions. Once a consumer has become a prospect, a marketer’s goal is to assist them through the sales cycle so the prospect can actually make the decision to purchase the product or service. Traditionally, many companies envisioned consumers as price-sensitive and therefore would focus their marketing and sales strategies mostly on prices. However, consumers are much smarter and more complex now more than ever, and consequently, companies…Continue Reading “Part 1: The Psychology Behind Consumer Decision Making”

Effective Communication to Accelerate the Sale

Move to the prospect’s side of the table, identify the problem, get involved in the solution, and your closing percentage will increase. Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale (1984) Today, closing the sale is still a fundamental key to success for the sales professional, even though the digital world has transformed the landscape of the sales profession. Closing is in effect asking for the sale using the art of persuasion, using effective communication to accelerate the sale. Salespeople have often been stereotyped as overly aggressive…Continue Reading “Closing – Effective Communication to Accelerate the Sale”