The sales industry has gone through a dramatic transformation over the past decade. Advancements in digital and computing technologies have enabled informed buyers to exercise more control in the buyer-seller relationship. In addition, marketing and sales has moved more and more from a traditional outbound format to an inbound model. An industry that had been considered an intuitive art has been driven more and more toward technology, data and science, bringing significant efficiencies and automation. This kind of analytics has not only helped in managing…Continue Reading “A Structured Sales Process for Greater Success”


Digital information technology and the Internet have dramatically altered the landscape of the sales industry, changing the relationship between buyers and sellers. Buyers are much more in control of the purchase process, researching independently, more informed and more demanding – shifting the industry toward inbound marketing and sales from traditional outbound sales models and creating significant challenges for sellers. In order to meet the challenges of this new environment, more and more of the sales industry has embraced developing technologies and data science. Enterprises that…Continue Reading “Sales Acceleration: It’s not a matter of if, but when!”

2016's Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange

Salesforce is a veritable behemoth of knowledge, resources, and tools for sales teams and individual sales professionals, and their AppExchange is no exception. With nearly 3,000 apps on the exchange, sorting through them all and weeding out the wheat from the chaff is no small task. To make your life a bit easier, we’re sharing our take on the exchange’s best apps for sales professionals, including some insight into what makes these apps better from the rest. These are widely used by the sales professionals…Continue Reading “2016’s Best New Apps on Salesforce App Exchange”

Data–Analytics in Real Time

The Big Data Explosion There is much current writing on the phenomena of big data with the explosion in data volumes and new and varied types of sources. Data analysis has emerged to be vital for businesses today. It informs everything – cost analysis, inventory control, financial reporting, lead generation, customer profiles, sales acceleration and more. As economic and societal activities have become increasingly digitized in people’s’ lives, vast amounts of data are created every moment. As technologies have become more powerful and advanced, enterprises…Continue Reading “Streaming Unstructured Data – Analytics in Real Time”

Follow Up Email Templates

The best sales outreach efforts don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, they’re part of a strategic, multifaceted approach that spans across a variety of mediums and avenues. They’re integrated and complementary, and make it easy for your prospect to move forward however he or she chooses to do so. That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it also sounds time-consuming. When a big part of your job is making meaningful contact with as many people as you possibly can, there’s a fine balance to walk between being…Continue Reading “Follow Up Emails After Initial Contact [2 Templates]”

Unique Ways to Find Leads

There are plenty of tried and true methods when it comes to snagging leads. The advent of the internet and social media have broadened sales professionals’ opportunities, but when it comes to generating more leads, there’s always room to get creative. Let’s look at some out of the box ideas for boosting your leads list, as well as what to do with that ever-growing list to ensure your follow-up is up to snuff! Create a viral video Easier said than done, yes, but creating a…Continue Reading “7 Unique Ways to Find Leads for Your Sales Team”


Sales are sales… right? Well, not quite. The fundamentals may remain pretty much the same, but the realities of today’s top sales professionals are changing as rapidly as the technological landscape those professionals find themselves in. To get to the heart of what those changes look like – and what they mean for your team and your sales acceleration efforts – we drilled down to the numbers. Here are some sales acceleration stats that may surprise you. Or, maybe you have sensed these changes yourself….Continue Reading “Sales Acceleration Stats You Need to Know [Infographic]”

Sales Acceleration Has Evolved

Many of the traditional tenets of successful sales outreach hold true year after year – even decade after decade. Technology, though, has introduced a whole new dimension to the world of sales, which provides both challenges and opportunities for forward-thinking sales professionals. Marketing automation and sales CRM systems are two areas that have experienced massive growth in this realm. CRM software and systems are now widely used by organizations to help organize and curate sales efforts. They act as the core foundation behind more advanced…Continue Reading “How Sales Acceleration Has Evolved in One Short Year”

Leverage Email, Social and Warm Calling

Many sales strategies we practice today aren’t too different from sales strategies teams utilized 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. There’s a good reason for that: tried and true tactics for generating leads and making the sale can be extremely effective. As the saying goes, if it’s not broke, why fix it? Yet, while it’s true some sales strategies remain relatively consistent year over year, there’s no denying that technology has introduced a whole new set of challenges – and opportunities – when it…Continue Reading “How to Leverage Email, Social and Warm Calling for Outbound Sales”

Sales Team is Wasting Time On

Sales is, in a lot of ways, a numbers game. The more qualified prospective leads you’re able to reach out to, the more conversions you’re likely to make. That’s an extremely simplified way of looking at it, but still, it’s fundamentally true. It’s numbers and speed. How many can you reach, and how quickly can you reach them? Your business’s success can hinge on the efficiency of your team. If your sales team is wasting time on efforts that don’t turn prospects into clients, or…Continue Reading “3 Things Your Sales Team is Wasting Time On”