5 Sales KPI's

Sales is a numbers game in more ways than one. The amount of data that one salesperson can generate – let alone an entire sales team! – can be staggering. More, though, is not always better. When it comes to your team’s key performance indicators, or KPIs for short, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Revenue, cost per lead, conversion rates, engagement; the options are pretty much endless. Which is why it’s important to focus on the handful of KPIs that, when monitored,…Continue Reading “5 KPIs Every Sales Team Should be Keeping Track Of”


Behavior during gameplay can tell a lot about a person. Silent Sally may prove to be not so coy in a riveting round of trivia while Laughing Larry may surprise you with how focused and serious he can become under pressure. Playing games can bring out the best and worst in people, but as a team-motivating strategy, its benefits are unparalleled. Gamification, or the integration of game mechanics in game-irrelevant areas, is gaining more traction in the professional arena as its positive effects on productivity…Continue Reading “Gamification: The Future of Workplace Motivation”


Marketers and businesses are always looking to better understand their customers and potential customers, seeking to know what influences the purchase decision, and what actions, triggers or encouragements will accelerate sales. Organizations started relying upon data science to gain valuable information including insights into customer behavior from the growing volumes and types of data – sometimes called “Big Data,” which, the critics call an informal way of referring to lots of data. In the past few years, organizations have shown renewed interest in the area of…Continue Reading “Predictive Analytics – Predicting and Influencing Behavior”

How to Effectively Sell to Millennials

Generation Y has been making waves in the business world as both productive workers and dependable consumers deeming it essential to gain a thorough understanding of the ways to appeal to their unique characteristics and needs. The three tips below address the best ways to capitalize on this technology-savvy generation. Cater to Their Characteristics It is vital to understand who generation Y is prior to developing a targeted lead generation strategy. Generation Y, who are also known as the millennials, comprises the group of people…Continue Reading “How to Effectively Sell to Millennials”

Convert B2B Leads

The business-to-business industry may very well face one of the most difficult challenges in regards to generating leads. While some efforts may have no success or gradually fall short, these results-oriented tactics will help a B2B lead generation strategy continually see positive results. Test Prior to Purchase There are several B2B lead generation tactics that have been introduced within the past few years, all of which can assist with the dissemination of executive-level information. Despite the supposed success rates of these new measures, it is…Continue Reading “Convert B2B Leads to Long-Term Customers”

Efficient Sales Acceleration Process

The goal of any sales organization is to generate sales and increase revenue. The sales cycle is like a funnel, which begins with marketing to a targeted customer group, which then tapers into leads. These leads in turn further narrow into qualified leads, a portion of which then become sales. The faster and more efficient this cycle – the greater the return on investment. Sales acceleration is the use of techniques and tools to speed up this sales process and to reach completed sales more…Continue Reading “Ensure an Efficient Sales Acceleration Process with These Few Tips”

use business intelligence in sales acceleration

It’s easy to list off all the reasons that sales acceleration boosts profitability for businesses. What can be forgotten, however, is how much its performance is improved by utilizing business intelligence. Sales acceleration thrives off of accurate business intelligence. In essence, it is the fuel that drives the process. Sales acceleration is a series of mechanisms that work in tandem to push leads through the sales funnel at a faster rate. By feeding this “machine” with qualitative information, it can pump out better results. As…Continue Reading “How to Use Business Intelligence in Sales Acceleration”

appointment setting

In this digital age with the ability to easily access vast amounts of information by computer and the Internet, much of the sales process involves inbound marketing instead of more traditional outbound marketing. However, the sales cycle still involves turning suspects into prospects, prospects into leads, and then converting those leads into actual customers. The critical step in the process for conversion of the customer is the sales appointment. Nothing can be sold until the sales appointment is set with the right decision maker. Jim…Continue Reading “Appointment Setting 2015 – How to Accelerate Sales Leads”

Create The Perfect Strategy With Sales Acceleration

The overarching goal for most businesses that provide products or services to customers is to increase sales volume and return on investment. While easy to state in concept, it is often difficult to achieve increases in both of these in tandem. It is a continuing quest to more efficiently allocate time and resources, both human resources as well as dollar investment. The Strategy The sales cycle is often conceptualized with the analogy of a funnel, which starts at the top with advertising to a target…Continue Reading “Create The Perfect Strategy With Sales Acceleration”

Deal Generation

Deal generation is set to overcome lead generation within the year. This modern-day sales strategy focuses on making meaningful connections with qualified prospects, which reduces legwork and results in an increase in conversion rates and close ratios. Focus on Qualified Prospects While the original version of lead generation emphasized finding leads who had the potential to convert to customers, deal generation only focuses on those prospects who are qualified. These prospects are genuinely interested in the company, possess a strong match with the company’s ideal…Continue Reading “Deal Generation to Become the New Lead Generation in 2015”