Now, the question is, why make more calls? Here’s why you make more calls: • It helps you have more sales conversations. • Not every call will be answered. If you make 50 calls a day and your contact ratio is 14%, then you will have a maximum of 7 conversations. • If you make 100 calls a day, you can converse with a maximum of 14 people. If you make 200 calls a day, you can talk to 28 people, and 300 calls mean…Continue Reading “Identify Your Best Sales Process with a Sales Dialer”

If you are a salesperson, the phone can be your best friend. Without it, targets and goals often remain unachieved. Live conversations alone will allow you to build stronger relationships and add more qualified prospects into the sales pipeline. With the added automation of sales dialers, you can focus on having the right conversation at the right time while everything else is automated. • CRM Integration • Improves Conversion Rate • Minimizes Human Errors and Efforts More Calls, More Sales Conclusion

People say cold calling is difficult. Yes, it’s difficult; there is no getting around that. However, for many thriving businesses, it’s the road to their success. Unlike others, an intelligent sales team perceives cold calling as an opportunity to connect with their prospects rather than a tiresome activity. But, for many sales reps, cold calling is still a pain point, especially if they are practicing without automation. Communication technology has come a long way over the years, and people know that too. They won’t answer…Continue Reading “5 Best Practices to Follow When Automating Cold Calls”

According to research, 92% of customer interactions place over the phone. The phone is a powerful tool that never goes undervalued even in the era of the internet. However, customers complain that the most used communication gadget doesn’t completely fulfill their requirements. On many occasions, calls end up at voicemails going unanswered or being abandoned. In simple terms, a sales dialer is a software as a service that simplifies the manual dialing while calling prospects. It assists sales reps with boosting results by allowing them…Continue Reading “5 Ways Sales Dialer Software can Help you Close More Deals”

If you’re a beginner in sales management, you might have seen your peers discussing sales dialers and their vital role in the business process. You probably have wondered how does an autodialer increase the number of conversations I can have in a day. Why does a regular VoIP become insignificant by this? And, who is the leading provider? We have a one-stop answer for all your questions—IntelliDialer, our exceptional sales dialer. We walk you through our intelligent solution, how it’s relevant, and its prominence in…Continue Reading “How IntelliDialer Helps Sales Reps to Improve Sales Process?”

What if someone would tell you that adopting a direct dial strategy could generate a million dollars in your business? You wouldn’t believe that, probably. You might confuse how it could be possible with direct dials. It is perhaps because you already know that the goal is not simple and far away from reality. Is it really very far? Let’s make it clear. Here we discuss how direct dials can increase your business revenue. The Significance of Connect Rate Before discussing the impact of a…Continue Reading “The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity”

Businesses opine that they predominantly adopt a telemarketing strategy when they need to strengthen their sales pipeline. They consider it a handy option when required to promote product/service in a pre-defined budget. Telemarketing can be used by all businesses regardless of their size. It effectively reduces the sales cycle by specifically reaching leads, new and existing customers to create more opportunities. Why is Telemarketing Important? Unlike other marketing strategies, telemarketing is more effective for organizations, especially during the creation of product and service awareness. Using…Continue Reading “Adopting B2B telemarketing into your sales strategy”

Does intelligent dialing boost sales? Yes, intelligent dialing does boost sales and helps progress towards generating more leads. Introduction In simple terms, Dialing is the action of initiating resourceful dialing on a phone which facilitates to make and record calls directly from your browser. It empowers sales professionals by boosting results as they are more efficient and effective, this is usually by smarter calls which results to more number of prospects and generate sales revenue. It’s said the telephone is the number one tool that…Continue Reading “How intelligent dialing can boost your sales”

In sales terminology, closing is a step when the prospect agrees or decides to buy the product being offered to him by the salesperson. As the entire effort made by the sales rep culminates at this step, it is the most crucial aspect of the entire sales process. It is also the most difficult. Hubspot has found that the average close rate for all industries is 19%, which roughly means only one in every five sales pitch ends in a successful closing. Hence, it is…Continue Reading “The Most Important Steps You Need To Take To Master Sales Closing”

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the major concerns of all sales organizations. Nevertheless, there can be a systematic plan for lead generation which can lead to a simple yet effective lead generation process. This infographic describes a seven-step procedure for lead generation, easy to implement and execute that can generate leads effortlessly. The infographic is replete with the practical acumen and experience of the seasoned salespeople which makes it a must read, irrespective of your background and experience in sales.