Recognize Millennial Sales Team

A simple Google search for Millennials turns up a seemingly unending supply of content. In particular, you’ll find thousands of posts on what makes Millennials individuals, a generation different from any other. Some of it might be a bit eye-roll-inducing, but there’s definitely something to be said for treating Millennials differently in the workplace. They look at work, and their place in their chosen industry, in a way that’s distinctly different from their older peers, and job satisfaction, in general, means more to them than…Continue Reading “How to Recognize Your Millennial Sales Team”

social media practices

Social media has continued to grow as a vital part of online marketing plans and as a valuable lead generation tool for businesses worldwide. Developing and maintaining a social media plan for your business not only helps capture new prospects, but also nurtures current clients or customers, builds brand awareness, and helps educate internet users on your business’s value. Develop a Strategic Social Media Schedule Where companies choose to post their social media content is important, but considering what time of day they actually post…Continue Reading “3 Critical Social Media Practices for Businesses”