best travel apps

No matter which industry you work in, there’s always fierce competition on the sales side of things. As your sales team travels around the world, they need all the edge they can get if they’re going to bring in new clients. Fortunately, there are myriad apps designed to facilitate your sales team’s travel process so they can focus on what they do best – selling! Read on to find out the best travel apps available in 2017. TripIt The concept behind TripIt is simple but…Continue Reading “10 Best Travel Apps For Your Sales Team”

2015 Business Revolution

How much money does your business spend on outreach? In 2014 the average amount ranged between 9 and 12 percent of sales revenues and could go up to 50 percent when new products are launched. Sales acceleration incorporates strategies that allows sales teams to automate processes and therefore reduce the number of resources spent on outreach. Before a company can make the most of this results-oriented strategy, it is essential to understand what sales acceleration is, how it creates an efficient sales funnel and which…Continue Reading “The 2015 Business Revolution: Sales Acceleration”


Digital technology and the Internet have provided buyers with easy access to more and more brands, sellers, purchase information and buying opportunities. Customers are able to access products and solutions faster. Those changing patterns and technology have also transformed traditional marketing and sales force activity. This is especially true with respect to customer leads in that lead management particularly lends itself to technology solutions. Most sales organizations need new tools and processes to meet the demands of the online age. Many employ technologies to shorten…Continue Reading “The Perfect Marriage – Leads And Technology”

intelliverse on tv

This past week, Intelliverse‘s CEO, Sean Gordon, had the opportunity to be a guest on Atlanta Tech Edge. The weekly television news show runs on 11Alive, Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, and is hosted by investment aficionado Wes Moss. Wes is no stranger to TV having appeared as a contestant on season 2 of “The Apprentice.” Atlanta Tech Edge has been airing on Sunday mornings for a little over a year. 11Alive’s decision to produce this show with an A-list host and in a decent time slot…Continue Reading “Intelliverse on Atlanta Tech TV Show Further Proves City’s Tech Edge”