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Creating A Call System With Call Tracking and Monitoring Software

One of the most important elements in the sales process is that of the sales call. The main reason for this being such a crucial stage is that it provides a great channel of immediate, one-on-one interaction with a customer. Whether it is a call to an existing customer or a call to a qualified lead, these calls are what help to solidify where a customer is in the sales life cycle. These calls not only result in possible sales, but they also provide a wealth of other information. To help analyze the advanced metrics within sales calls, businesses are turning to new call monitoring and call tracking software. Both types of software are helping businesses to create more specialized call systems, resulting in cost efficient sales acceleration.

Call Tracking

First let’s look at call tracking software and its many benefits. Call tracking software allows for data to be analyzed in real time providing a business with countless valuable information. With such software, a company is able to determine the characteristics of a given phone call. Not only that, but such software can also provide insight into voicemails. If a voicemail was left, how long was that voicemail? Was the voicemail ever followed up by another call? How many follow up calls? Did the voicemail result in a return call? These are just a few types of information being collected with call tracking software. All of these data points are then analyzed for any patterns that may shed light into your customers buying behavior.

Providing Insight into A Customer’s Interest

The other type of software being used by companies both large and small is call monitoring. Call monitoring software is another truly valuable resource for a sales team because it allows for real-time evaluation of how a sales call is being handled. Call monitoring allows for a supervisor to oversee a sales call, enabling him to analyze the conversation as it is happening. This real-time interaction makes it possible for a supervisor to share information with the salesperson that may aid in a resulting sale. It also offers insight into how the customer communicated their interest or lack thereof.

Better Understanding of Sales Team

Not only will a company get a better understanding of its customers and potential leads interests, but they will also get a better look at their own sales force. Call monitoring software is capable of analyzing a salesperson’s calls and the information provided within. This provides a company with a better understanding of just how effective its sales team or an individual salesperson is when it comes to making calls that result in sales. Having this information can help a business build a stronger sales force.

A Great Benefit to Sales

Advanced analytics are driving sales today. To help analyze and better understand these advanced data points, companies are turning to more capable software. Software that is able to accelerate sales at all stages in the sales life cycle including one of the most important stages, the sales call. Call monitoring software combined with call tracking software can provide a business with a specialized, multilevel approach to the real-time analysis of call information. It allows for a clear assessment of how calls are being handled and received. With this system, a business is able to make the best of use of its time and resources to create an efficient and capable sales force resulting in maximum return.

Jason Hassler

Jason is responsible for Intelliverse's development and sales efforts to better connect businesses with their customers. Jason comes to Intelliverse with 20+ years of sales and management experience, with the past 15+ in cloud solutions.
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