sales culture for higher sales productivity

Creating effective sales culture for higher sales productivity

What are businesses doing to increase productivity within this new sales environment while also maintaining sales engagement and focus? While many tools are available, it is important to maintain a clear business vision, strategy, and execution methods. The following characteristics are the key to creating a high performing sales culture with a productive sales process that keeps sales teams both engaged and accountable.

Collaborative Environment

A collaborative work environment encourages the sales force to work in tandem while increasing synergy and efficiency. With more companies working remote, implementing weekly video meetings and scheduling face to face visits when available will not only cultivate relationships but also create healthy competition. This will also provide valuable feedback and shared learning that produces optimal results.

Shared vision and goals

Sales teams must thoroughly understand the company’s vision and align goals accordingly. A predefined sales process and activity metrics establish a workflow that promotes corporate objectives and high performance.

Training and coaching

Sales teams need to be educated, trained and challenged throughout the sales process. The sales teams need to be continuously trained in selling methods, markets, products, and buyer personas and preferences.


Gamification uses the addictive elements of a game and interactivity that creates friendly completion within a sales team. A significant amount of improvement in sales metrics is noted in companies implementing some type of gamification feature. Gamification not only motivates and increases participation but gives sales teams a better look at where each individual is at. This in turn motivates for that extra effort.


In today’s sophisticated sales environment it requires tools to stay competitive against the competition. Tools like sales acceleration applications and email tracking software may equip sales teams with what they need to maintain the right relationship with their prospects and customers. The sales enabled tools used not only to improve productivity by saving the time of the salespeople, but they can also promote a culture of sales enablement to align the sales and the marketing team improving conversion rates and driving higher revenue.

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