The goal of any sales organization is to generate sales and increase revenue. The sales cycle is like a funnel, which begins with marketing to a targeted customer group, which then tapers into leads. These leads, in turn, further narrow into qualified leads, a portion of which then become sales—the faster and more efficient this cycle – the greater the return on investment.

Sales acceleration uses techniques and tools to speed up this sales process and reach completed sales more quickly, thereby improving returns. Sales acceleration software or platforms are used to automate certain activities, which are then performed more quickly and accurately, as well as to employ data science and predictive analytics to make the sales cycle more effective. The following tips can help ensure an efficient process for accelerating sales.

Automate time consuming tasks

Automating time-consuming tasks saves time, allows the salesperson to maximize productivity, and helps shorten the sales cycle. It also helps prevent lost information and opportunities, such as failure to follow up with a lead. This applies to recurring administrative tasks such as inputting information into the CRM – logging of call activity, call attempts, voicemail attempts, and email correspondence. For example, Intelliverse works with CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, to transform every contact into a sales opportunity. Sales acceleration software can automate these functions and ensure the accuracy of the information. The software can also help automate other repetitive tasks such as leaving voicemails, enabling the salesperson to leave pre-recorded voicemails with one click and then immediately move to the next task.

Work with leads efficiently

Lead management is a vital key to an efficient sales cycle. The sales acceleration software allows reports showing the precise tracking of dials, call dispositions, meetings scheduled, and other variables. Studies have shown that the speed of response to an inquiry directly correlates with the rates of successfully making contact with that lead – the faster the response, the higher the contact rate. Automatic dialing software, sometimes called “click to call,” accelerates and improves accuracy for all outgoing calls, but more importantly, it allows for faster responses to inquiries from leads.

It is crucial to nurture leads by following up, staying in contact, and providing information to bring the lead closer to a sales decision. This is particularly effective with a sense of personalized contact. Sales acceleration software allows a salesperson to have a caller I.D. number that displays a local area code rather than a toll-free number. The software can also be used to generate automatic personalized emails in addition to the pre-recorded personal voicemails discussed previously.

Sales acceleration software allows the organization to create a specific set of criteria to score or grade leads so that the sales force knows which ones to prioritize and where to allocate resources. The criteria can be customized based on specific actions a lead takes – such as the number of visits to a website, completion of a form, a request for information, and the like.

Continuously validate performance

The specifics and tactics to most effectively accelerate sales will vary by company and by industry and may change over time. It is imperative for management to measure outcomes to determine how successful the process is. The sales acceleration platforms can generate timely, accurate reports and allow management to continuously analyze the data and metrics and test options against each other to find the most effective one and continually improve results.

In today’s sales environment, companies must be able to quickly respond and adapt to the changing dynamics with sales personnel available remotely on a smartphone, tablet, internet, or through web presence, all working in tandem in a coordinated manner. Closing a sale is time-sensitive. Sales acceleration platforms allow the use of data science and predictive analytics to boost faster sales cycles with higher closing rates, achieving stronger overall company revenue.