If you’re a beginner in sales management, you might have seen your peers discussing sales dialers and their vital role in the business process. You probably have wondered how an autodialer increases the number of conversations I can have in a day. Why does a regular VoIP become insignificant by this? And, who is the leading provider? We have a one-stop answer for all your questions—IntelliDialer, our exceptional sales dialer. We walk you through our intelligent solution, how it’s relevant, and its prominence in the sales process.

The IntelliDialer significantly improves sales results by delivering speed, efficiency, and predictability to the sales process. We harness data-driven insights and real-time analytics to empower sales reps to sell smarter and faster. Equipped with Intelliverse’s sales acceleration technology, our ultimate aim is to provide sales growth and increased revenue to your sales pipeline.

Here is how:

Automated data entry

Unlike the traditional sales process, IntelliDialer eliminates the need for manual data entry. Instead, it enables your organization with the opportunity to make more calls and have more conversations. With only two clicks, you can call any lead or contact rather than dialing a 10-digit phone number. So, the calling process takes place quickly and easily—no misdialling, excessive time wait, and call drops.

With the IntelliDialer, you are entitled to automatic call logging, tracking, and activity reporting within Salesforce.com. Plus, the integrated solution provides seamless access and data transfer between Salesforce, integrated reporting of call logs and contact histories.

Real-time visibility

The ability to identify and react quickly to issues is an advantage in terms of tuning your sale’s competitive edge. With IntelliDialer, you will have great visibility to your team’s daily activities and statistics that can be viewed in real-time. Statistics such as average talk duration, number of calls, number of conversations, the best time of day to call, etc., can all be transparent and visible with IntelliDialer in real-time. The complete visibility ensures that the team consistently meets activity goals, and you will have the predictability to resolve issues before they become revenue-impacting. Plus, sales reps stay focused and meet targets without fail.

Close more sales

According to statistics, 80% of sales calls go to voicemail. An average sales rep makes 52 calls each day, and 15% of their time is spent leaving voicemails. That means voice mails claim major productive hours of sales reps. The IntelliDialer eliminates the frustration of leaving voicemails by enabling reps with the ability to leave prerecord voicemails. So a significant amount of time is saved, and sales reps can stay energized and focused on their next pitch.

Reporting and analytics

By using IntelliDialer, you can track all calls, call dispositions, notes, and meetings that have been set. It helps strengthen the response time of inbound leads and ensures every lead is called at least five times. The system identifies trends to duplicate success and makes sure that every lead has the minimum touchpoints before it is discarded. All this is achievable through the strong reporting and analytics that are provided.


The more simplicity you bring, the more sales you will have in your pipeline. Investing in IntelliDialer will improve not only your sales process but also your team’s productivity. All you need to do is to install the IntelliDialer application from Salesforce AppExchange to get started with us quickly.