Does Smart Dialing boost sales?

Yes, Smart Dialing increases sales outcomes which accelerates lead generations drastically.


In layman terms, Dialing is the process of initiating resourceful Dialing on the phone, which facilitates making and recording calls directly from your browser. It empowers sales professionals by boosting results as they are more efficient and effective; this is usually by smarter calls, which results in more prospects and generates sales revenue.

It is said that the telephone is the number one tool that inside salespeople rely on for closing deals. According to a survey, over 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Salespeople on average, make eight cold calls attempts before they finally reach a prospect. To work efficiently and get results quicker, teams use dialers to overcome challenges.

Benefits of intelligent Dialing

Here are seven benefits on how intelligent Dialing boosts your sales:

1. Increases in leads

In a typical call campaign, there would be nearly 500 to 1000 calls attempted. The aim is to engage a prospect in a conversation and improve the customer’s probability of purchasing the product or service. The dialer will improve the calling activity level, thus increase the conversion of leads

2. Higher Performance

The IntelliDialer is sales software that rapidly increases sales results by delivering speed and efficiency to the sales process. It gives the right set of tools and features that help dial more and capture information from each call, thus assisting the salespeople in improving their performance.

3. Improved Engagements

It creates an opportunity to generate prospects or leads on a day-to-day basis or a monthly basis. It calls to potential customers and ensures proper follow-up; it also depends on the communication skills and ability of the communicator or script pitched to accomplish or achieve the target.

4. Reporting & Analytics

Using intelligent Dialing, it tracks all the dials, call dispositions, and meetings that have been set. It helps to identify trends to duplicate success, plus ensure that every lead has the minimum touchpoints before it is discarded. All this is achievable through the strong reporting and analytics that it provides

5. Maximized Customer Connects

An intelligent dialer helps to connect numerous people from different location and drag attention towards their products or service, leading to an increase in potential sales. It helps to minimize the costs and increase overall in end productivity.

6. Click-to-Dial

It enables your sales organizations to dial calls directly with a single click or one-touch access. It simplifies your calling process by auto-dialing, there by reducing time and possible errors that arise during manual Dialing. It mainly helps the organization that makes outbound calls with the feature one-step dialing solution and drives high-performance sales teams to boost your sales and grow revenue.

7. Reduction in Call Drops

The dialer improves contact strategies because the call will be made to potential customers, reducing the call drops. The dialer adopts a specific call strategy that would be based on predefined parameters rather than random calls from a call list. An example of this would be TimeZone based Dialing. Smart dialer brings intelligence to the call center dialing process by connecting the salespeople only to the answered calls.

Types of Dialing

There are various ranges of different dialing approaches available for sales teams to use. Each dialing approach feature will be different from each dialing option.

• Autodialer

• Predictive dialer

• Power dialer

• VoIP dialer

• Progressive Dialer

Auto dialing

An automatic dialer is an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, the auto-dialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to the person in charge of outbound calling using dialer Software; Automate dialer improves customer engagement & increases productivity.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialers accelerate the speed and efficiency of sales calls made, which helps them make more calls and close more sales. Specifically, this approach automatically calls phone numbers updated to simultaneously boost efficiency and productivity.

Power Dialing

Pressing or clicking buttons on phones takes a lot of time or decreases productivity, and power dialers allow you to make calls, one after another, continuously. This feature can help sales teams focus on the task and convert more prospects rather than getting distracted by manual tasks.

VoIP Dialing

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is software, which makes it possible for sales professionals to perform calls over the internet or application. There are lots of providers out there; mostly, these services are often cost-effective and don’t require a huge setup as a phone line or carrier.

Progressive Dialing

Progressive Dialer is a computerized dialing system that connects agents or customers. It helps you to define, configure, and automate the Dialing. In progressive mode, the dialer runs through the calling lists across multiple campaigns at the velocity of their operations.


By using dialer intelligently, you can simplify the sales process, generate more conversations, and create better outcomes. Several merits boost sales by intelligent Dialing as expanding productivity, eliminating manual Dialing, increase opportunities in much less time; mostly intelligent dialers use parameters based on customer profiling to significantly help agents determine past patterns and help predict future purchases. In this way, the organization can connect better to their customers and also achieve their organizational objectives.