Businesses unanimously agree that sales are their primary concern that reoccurs often and is entirely unexpected at times. It is the key aspect that turns leads into potential customers and hence ensures revenue for their operations.

Usually, employers hire a sales team to manage their sales pipeline—from identifying leads to selling products to them. But, finding and hiring the right employees is a long process that consumes a lot of time and energy. At times, employees will fall short of meeting employer expectations and vice versa. This scenario probably leads businesses to adopt managed appointment setting services.

The managed appointment setting service is very beneficial for business owners. It focuses primarily on delegating the prospecting task and enables the sales rep to concentrate on qualified leads.

When Does a Company Need a Managed Appointment Setting Service?

Appointment setting services are preferred by companies when:

• Selling expensive B2B products/services

• The sales cycle is long

1. When selling expensive B2B products/services

Companies that manage a large-scale business by selling high-priced products/services likely involve several touchpoints while closing a sale. They consistently win over various stakeholders in their process through Account-Based Sales (a strategic sales model in which the purchase of goods or services is carried out to narrow segments of the target audience or specific decision-makers).

The role of a managed appointment setting service here is to identify such vital groups and persistently update it with engagement until they show interest. It decreases the effort level and the time to nurture the sales activities.

2. When the sales cycle is long

One of the drawbacks of a high involvement B2B purchase is its long sales pipeline. Managed appointment setting services play a significant role in this regard by shortening the sales cycle. It enables closing reps to focus on qualified leads who show interest and potential to purchase products/services.

Why Managed Appointment Setting Services is Relevant?

Enabling Targeted Lead Generation

Unlike other sales processes, managed appointment setting service is highly specialized. It involves particular tasks, including lead generation, customer database refresh, and the monitoring and training of the sales team (with the support of excellent search tools and efficient database management systems).

The appointment setting service experts use the best tools to perform the above tasks. Through this, they identify each customer and successfully attract them to the sales funnel.

Delivering Customized Solutions

Managed appointment setting service aims to bring leads into the active sales process and nourish their customer experience. It ensures customized sales solutions by understanding each customer’s requirements at length.

Charging Lower Cost Per Sale

Appointment setting services usually are more cost-effective to organizations. They have a higher success rate in delivering qualified appointments as they are usually set by Business Development Representatives (BDR). The latter have experience in cold calling and telemarketing activities, which require a lot of skill and tact to get past gatekeepers and reach decision-makers. At times, a single BDR can provide qualified leads that can be worked on by an entire team.

Keeping Employees Productive

With fixed appointments in hand, the sales force focuses on their core strength—winning the deal. Managed appointment setting enables them to concentrate more on assigned tasks and excel at work.

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