Telemarketing is an integral part of the business development of all organizations. And cloud telephony has made this process more efficient. But there are many options available in the market to choose from. Many factors have to be taken into account before you decide on a cloud-based autodialer.

1. Affordability 

There are several cloud-based auto-dialers in the market at different price points. You must have a look into the capital expenditure, operational and maintenance cost, the return on investment, support, brand reputation, customizability and scalability, and several other factors before finalizing the dialer. You have to know what features suit your business needs. It will help you decide the right dialer within your budget.

2. Simple and user-friendly auto dialers

The dialer should not be overengineered. The user interphase of the dialer should be simple. The dialer you choose should be easy to adopt by the user of your sales team. Their feedback should be taken into account while shortlisting the dialers. Most of the dialers provide a free trial period. It is prudent to use this period effectively. Allow your sales agents to utilize the dialer and provide feedback. There are user-friendly dialers that can be installed at the click of a button, and you can begin using them immediately.

3. Brand reputation

It is always safe to purchase the auto dialer from a reputable organization. Their experience in the field of communication technology will be beneficial to you. Training your Sales Representatives, supporting your team, etc., are some of the additional values you can take complete advantage of.

4. Ability to integrate auto dialer with your CRM

Most of the modern-day sales dialers can be integrated with popular Customer Relationship Management tools. And it is hassle-free. All the related information gets automatically transferred into the dialer software. Similarly, while updating the data onto the dialer software, it automatically gets transferred to the CRM software.

5. Quick Download and installation

Self-service sign-up enables clients to download and install the dialer software from the Salesforce AppExchange. You can add your team members and start calling without any support from the makers of the product. You save the time required for shopping the dialer on multiple stores. The dialer software’s simplicity and user-friendliness help your team easily migrate to the new tool.

6. Automated call logging

As cloud sales dialer is automated software, human interactions are reduced to a large extent. It lowers the manual errors that may disrupt the smooth flow of the process. The likeliness of representatives misdialing, calling the same number more than once, overlooking the contact that was supposed to be reached, etc., are avoided. Also, the sales funnel will be cleaner and. As these hurdles are overcome, the sales team becomes more effective.

7. Local presence

Cloud sales dialer software provides you with local numbers that appear on the call recipients’ caller IDs. This feature increases the probability of the calls being answered and having fruitful conversations by 40%. As Sales Reps make more conversations, the likeliness of making sales also increase.

8. Play & Go voicemail

According to various surveys, most of the calls made by telemarketers reach the voice mailbox. Hence, leaving a compelling voice message is essential. Automated dialers provide the option of storing and sending pre-recorded voice messages. You can send these messages just by clicking on the perfect note. It saves the time of agent from delivering an impromptu message and avoids inconsistencies in the communication.

9. Customizable and scalable

The dialer software should be customizable to your needs. It must give you the option to choose the features you require and avoid those that are unnecessary.

When the number of users increases or decreases, the software should be scalable to accommodate the changes. The enabling and disabling features, whenever needed, should be available.

10. Types of auto dialers

There are multiple types of auto dialers that have different kinds of automation. The three most popular are – Click-to-Dial, aka Click-2-Dial, Power Dialer, and Predictive Dialer.


  • You can dial the numbers on your calling list at the click of the mouse. It eliminates manual dialing and, with that, chances of reaching wrong numbers and misdials.

Power Dialer

  • Immediately dials the next number on the calling list as the agent ends the call. Save more time for the agent.

Predictive Dialer

  • Dials the recipient and assigns to the agent who is free as soon as the call is answered. Reduces the time wasted by the agent on waiting for the recipient to respond or being directed to the voicemail.