Generation Y has been making waves in the business world as both productive workers and dependable consumers, deeming it essential to gain a thorough understanding of the ways to appeal to their unique characteristics and needs. The three tips below address the best ways to capitalize on this technology-savvy generation.

Cater to their characteristics

It is vital to understand who generation Y is prior to developing a targeted lead generation strategy. Generation Y, also known as the millennials, comprises the group of people born after 1980 and before 2000. Although this age range is quite expensive, several similar traits have been noted. While some researchers have qualified them as lazy and narcissistic, others have found more positive features such as their open-mindedness and technological skills.

Companies should take note of both the good and the bad aspects of generation Y so that they can appropriately address the large consumer base in their lead generation efforts. For example, researchers have found that generation Y prefers flexible schedules and frequent feedback, which are important considerations in developing a relevant lead generation strategy. Discovering the essential characteristics and determining how to address them can set a company’s efforts apart.

Identify their strengths

As previously stated, generation Y has been associated with a variety of unique tendencies. For example, this age cohort is known for its technology savviness. Companies can make the most of this generation Y characteristic by optimizing their online lead generation platforms. This can include a more expansive website, several social media outlets, and the utilization of multiple outreach platforms.

In addition to making online platforms more relevant and engaging for generation Y consumers, companies can take their lead generation efforts to the next level by making their platforms mobile-friendly. Many millennials make decisions via iPhones, tablets, and more, proving the worth of using resources to optimize a site across various mediums. Incorporating strengths such as these in lead generation efforts will appeal to the consumer base and make it simple for them to move closer to making a purchase.

Grab and keep their attention

The more narcissistic side of generation Y deems it essential to utilize attention-grabbing lead generation strategies. While some lead generation companies may simply decide to be a source of information, others can stand out by making use of captivating advertisements, entertaining placements, and meaningful social media outreach. Gaining the attention of millennials is only half of the battle – lead generation companies must also be able to keep the attention of this multitasking generation. Since generation Y is also known for its determination to get its hands on as much information as possible, companies should strive to be as informative and prompt as possible.

Fortunately, companies can easily meet this need by providing plenty of ways to gain access to relevant information. Because generation Y will be searching through multiple outlets to establish a thorough understanding of who a company is and what they offer, it is necessary to ensure that every platform is optimized and that positive testimonials are available.

As the largest and most profitable generation, once you completely understand Generation Y’s characteristics, their unique needs can be more accurately and effectively targeted and matched.

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