Emails still remain as one of the most popular ways for sales reps to reach out to their prospects and customers. Businesses are leveraging on email marketing campaigns to build and increase their customer acquisition. However, they have to face several challenges like determining the target audience, low open rates, emails bounces etc. Intelliverse Email Tracker Software provides a viable solution to boost engagement rates and track KPIs for your email campaigns.

Our Free Email tracking tool captures data on open rates, click-throughs, and location, It also updates you the number of times your email was opened. It promptly notifies you when your emails are opened with exact time, date and location of the recipient. Reaching out to prospects that have recently opened your email increases the chance of engaging in more live conversations, thus allowing you to build a strong rapport with them.

How to track your emails with Intelliverse Email Tracker-

• Install Email Tracker free plugin for Outlook or Chrome
• After adding the extension, login to your Outlook or Gmail account
• Start sending emails and track them instantly

Free Email Tracker for Outlook will give you unique insights how your email campaigns are performing. To monitor your email outreach, you can analyze the important metrics such as open rates, trackable links, click-through rates, hard and soft bounces, unsubscribe and subscribe, forwards, delivery rates, etc. It also gives a detailed report about when and where your email was opened and on which device. After reviewing these insights, you can alter the contents and links of your email to improve your campaign’s success rate.

Top 3 ways to optimize Email tracking for business growth-

• Build a long-term relationship with prospects: The primary motive of email intelligence tools is to help you engage with your prospects and have meaningful conversations. Intelliverse Email tracker empowers businesses to connect with their potential clients effectively by accessing the customer database beforehand so that you can craft an appropriate strategy to approach them. By knowing their location, you can target focused audience of a particular place and thus a positive impact among your prospects.

• Filter your email list: In order to run a successful email campaign, businesses make sure to prune their email list so that messages do not clutter up their user’s inboxes or be marked as spam. An email tracker lets you know which recipients are not engaging with your emails so that you can focus on target customers and drive better results. After accessing the insights, you can tailor your email subject line and content to avoid your emails ending up as a spam.

• Relevant follow ups: There used to be a lot of uncertainty around emails but with Email Tracker, you are provided visibility into the sales process. Free Email Tracker for Chrome helps you know exactly when your prospects engage with your emails so that you can time your follow-up accurately. This metrics allows sending the right kind of follow-ups to the qualifying prospects at the right time.

Email tracking is a boon for both businesses and customers as marketers can refer the email analytics to communicate effectively, and build and maintain strong relationships with their prospects. Likewise, an email tracker allows customers to engage with emails without anticipating follow-up emails or calls.
Download Intelliverse Email Tracker free plugin for Outlook or Chrome to start tracking your emails instantly.