Selling can be advantageous when you can reach your targets within the specified time. For this, you need an endless stream of prospects enthusiastically buying your products, which can be achieved by filling the sales funnel with new leads. However, it can be pretty difficult for sales personnel to concentrate on the dual task of closing the deals with existing prospects while also focusing on generating new leads. It can be even more frustrating when you are not aware of your targets.

The task of filling the pipeline with leads is quite similar to a marathon with no foreseeable finish line when you do not have a set goal. Without being aware of the targets, sales reps wouldn’t be compelled to keep going, nor would they be inspired to push through the monotony. This would eventually lead to a scenario known as ‘Prospecting Burnout’.

Preventing the members of the sales from the exhaustion of Prospecting Burnout should be the primary concern of sales managers. Most sales managers are aware of this, as they would have been on the hamster wheel of filling the funnel for many years of their sales career. One of the ideal methodologies to achieve a balance between hitting the quota and cultivating new leads is to implement Micro Sales Campaigns.

What is a micro sales campaign?

A Micro Sales Campaign (MSC) is focused on initiatives to cultivate new sales leads with an extra emphasis on efficiency within a specific time. Having a defined target and a comprehensive strategy to achieve it can decrease the monotony of continuous prospecting and cold calling.

The idea is to focus the energies and resources of the sales team on specific tasks and utilize the opportunities in the market through improved communication management and expertise. Also, conversions can be improved through more in-depth segmentation of your audience. The primary benefit is that it lets the sales members stay fresh, committed, and focused on keeping filling the funnel.

The critical components of a Micro Sales Campaign include precise focus, defined time frame, and specified reason. Some of the examples of development campaigns using MSC include stalled deals, where MSC can help determine whether they can be qualified or disqualified. The methodology can also help with Conference Connections, to reconnect with leads from networking, or channelize social bridges where selected connections can be moved offline to build further relationships.

A few of the other advantages of Micro Sales Campaigns would include replicating the success of past deals and pre-emptive discussions about future business. It can be achieved by focusing on specific tasks and making the sales team accountable, which will ensure they contribute their best to execute the campaign.