The job of Sales Reps is becoming more and more challenging. Finding qualified leads has never been easy and it only gets harder as competition increases. It is essential to manage your sales reps effectively and create sales processes that are not complex and easy to adopt. Here are a few ways in which a power dialer software can help you manage your organization’s sales performance. Arming your sales team with the right sales tool like a power dialer can have a positive impact on your team as well as your business.

What is a power dialer? How does a power dialer work?

A Power Dialer is an evolved dialing system that connects agents to prospects more efficiently, making it easier for agents to focus on live connections rather than manually dialing leads and contacts. A power dialer software gives you the opportunity to speed through a call list but at the same time you are in full control. It also lets you focus on the conversation at hand while having confidence that every detail of the call is captured and logged back to your CRM.
When a Power Dialer reaches out to phone numbers that disconnect the call, are busy or the call remains unattended, it prompts the agent to dial the next number on the list. When a prospect answers the call, it feels as if the Sales Representatives called them directly. There are various other features that add value with the power dialer software like call recording, local caller ID, Quality monitoring and much more.

Power dialer vs predictive dialer

A Power Dialer connects the agent to another contact on the list immediately after a call has ended. It makes sure that the agent don’t waste time looking for phone numbers in the list to contact. When a call goes unattended as the prospect is busy or disconnects the call, power dialer directly dials the next number on the list. When a prospect answers the call, the dialer connects the calls automatically to the agent. If you have a power dialer CRM integration, all the information and history about the contact would be displayed to the Sales Representative and all details of the call are logged to the record in your CRM.

A Predictive Dialer calls a few contacts in the list at the same time while the Sales Reps wait for a good connection. This automatic dialing system empowers large contact centers to increase the number of live connections. Predictive Dialers predict the average time it takes for a call to be answered using mathematical formulas and algorithms. It anticipates agent availability and adjusts the dialing rate accordingly.

How does a power dialer software help to reduce sales reluctance?

Around 40% of Sales Agents believe that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. Power dialing proves to be a great solution to the prospecting challenge. There are a wide range of benefits that a power dialer has on the success rate of outbound call campaigns.

Increase connection rates

• Power dialers remove delay in connections resulting in reduced customer frustration.
• They increase the rate of contact thus increasing the number of meaningful conversations with leads.
• They efficiently connect Sales Reps with prospects.
• Power Dialing saves valuable time by eliminating manual dialing and manual data entry.

Pre-call research

• Access essential information about contacts to create a personalized and targeted pitch.
• Determine whether the prospect on the call list is worth calling or not.
• Figure out things in common and avoid things that aren’t necessary to connect with prospects better.

Ensure better targeting

Dialer software let sales agents focus on live connections before all else.
• They make closing deals easier by streamlining repetitive tasks.
• Real time reporting and call monitoring can be used to ensure better targeted leads.

Increase pipeline

• Power Dialer software increases the rate of dialed calls per hour, significantly boosting lead generation.
• It allows sales reps to select a preset disposition, take notes, add tags, manage contact activity and everything else required to nurture leads.
• Agents can use prerecorded voicemails to follow up with prospects that didn’t answer the call.

Drive ROI

• Power Dialers take control of the dialing pace and the number of calls per Sales Representative ratio.
• They allow sales agents to discover more opportunities and boost their sales performance.
• Automated outbound calling and logging benefits sales productivity directly.

Sales can feel like a roller coaster ride for Sales Representatives. They have to deal with a variety of customers and satisfy their unique requirements in order to convert them into clients. However, routine manual tasks can affect their productivity and hinder their will and ability to drive sales. It is suggested to make the lives of your Sales Reps better, easier and to boost their productivity and performance by arming them with the best power dialer software.