Sales is a numbers game. Sometimes, all you need is to increase your number of calls to achieve the desired sales target. Though the quality of calls is critical in sales, quantity can be even more significant since it is the best way to find new customers for your business and identify what’s working and what’s not.

Now, the question is, why make more calls?

We all know that it isn’t about just making calls; it’s having conversations. Sales conversations. The more calls you make, the more leads you can qualify.

Here’s why you make more calls:

• It helps you have more sales conversations.

• Not every call will be answered. If you make 50 calls a day and your contact ratio is 14%, then you will have a maximum of 7 conversations.

• If you make 100 calls a day, you can converse with a maximum of 14 people. If you make 200 calls a day, you can talk to 28 people, and 300 calls mean 42 conversations.

Yes, sales is still a numbers game.

Now, think about an effective sales tool that significantly increases the number of conversations you have in a day. A tool that defines your best sales process and enables you to make proactive data-driven decisions. There can be no option better than a Sales Dialer in this regard.

What is a Sales Dialer?

sales dialer software is an essential sales tool kit that speeds up the cold calling process. By assisting sales professionals in making more efficient and effective telephone calls, a sales dialer boosts sales results and increases revenue. Using a sales power dialer, you can load a list of prospects, and after each call, the next prospect loads automatically. That way, you can have the opportunity to create speed while dialing and converse with more people.

There are many different features and functionalities of a sales dialer that can impact the sales process. In the rest of this article, let’s discuss some of the ways a sales dialer helps you identify your best sales process.

1. Identify the Most Effective Pitch

It is quite challenging to determine the most effective sales process specific to your team’s goals. Even if you have a lot of plans to identify and execute the best sales strategy, it shouldn’t give results every time. You might also struggle to determine what triggers the best sales result. With a sales dialer, you can overcome this challenge. Within two weeks of its use, a sales manager can identify what activities drive the best results, and they will have the predictability to resolve issues before they become revenue-impacting.

For instance, if a sales agent makes 100 calls and has no conversations, it’s understood that there is a problem with the list, and you can fix it quickly. Similarly, if a sales agent has 20 conversations in a day but sets no appointments or qualifies no prospects—that means the list is most likely good, but the pitch needs to be altered. A sales dialer can give insights into all this information and help you resolve those challenges quickly.

2. Keep Track of Sales Activities.

With a sales dialer, all data entry is recorded and saved in real-time. For a salesperson who truly needs to review their sales process, the recorded information is immensely helpful as it provides a sense of credibility. To ensure this trust, the sales dialer logs all calls automatically, which ensures that all data entries are clean and accurate. This allows sales managers to have confidence with what is being entered into the CRM and have the tools to quickly identify pitfalls from the sales process before they become revenue impacting. Additionally, this real-time data enables the managers to monitor live conversations and call recordings, which helps them coach in real-time. This is significant, especially in the case of managers who are responsible for a new team of sales agents.

3. Custom Call Disposition and Detailed Reporting

Getting up to date with the call status is always advantageous for sales agents. A sales dialer makes this possible by revealing call disposition for every call that you make. With custom call dispositions, you can quickly learn how qualified a lead list is or if you need to do some coaching. This, of course, paves the way to your heightened performance.

Similar to custom call disposition, a sales dialer also provides customized reports and analytics, which are another key to high performance. Customized reports can identify the best time of day to make calls, whether the pitch is good or bad, etc. This data enables you to make wise time choices the next time you call a person.


A sales dialer is the best tool a sales team should possess to identify their best outbound sales process. It keeps the entire team up to date with complete visibility into daily activities and provides the opportunity to have more conversations and produce your best sales results.

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