Conveying individual messages can be a daunting task, but what if multiple messages could be sent simultaneously?

IntelliBlast by Intelliverse empowers you to connect with a large group of contacts via Call blast, Voicemail blast, and Text blast. Intelliblast gives sales agents the ability to communicate effectively with prospects across multi-channels. Additionally, sales agents have a dedicated and well-trained account manager, quick customizations, and 24/7 support, boosting customer engagement. The Intelliverse message blasting platform enables businesses to accelerate their communication process by sending pre-recorded voicemails and making multiple calls to a large target audience within a few minutes.

Let’s take a look how our Automated Message Blast Service can benefit your business

  • Improve customer engagement: Companies planning to grow further and expand their business can significantly benefit IntelliBlast, which helps companies improve their processes’ efficiency by enabling them to connect quickly with potential customers. It is an effective marketing strategy to attain higher click-through and open rates and greater customer engagement.
  • Low cost and high ROI: Associating your business with an Automated Message Blast Service can serve as an affordable alternative in driving sales. It allows targeting a large customer base by incurring fewer expenses and will help companies achieve higher conversion rates and ROI due to its far-reaching impact. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc., IntelliBlast is a cost-effective marketing method with easy implementation.
  • Targeted promotions: Company messages must be delivered at the right time to make a marketing campaign succeed. IntelliBlast allows bulk messages to be sent to customers and prospects in real-time, allowing businesses to reach across different demographics and geographic locations. Companies can quickly draft, record, and blast messages to an entire list after qualifying prospects interested in your business with our automated blast software.
  • Timely updates: Our automated blasting service will promptly update your customers about the latest improvements and exclusive deals regarding the product and services. The timely updates will help businesses create a positive brand image among the stakeholders. A company will instantly be able to see those who received messages, along with analytical data such as open rates, click-throughs, bounce rates, etc.
  • Wider appeal: According to, 74% of Americans check their phones within five minutes of receiving a notification. It is evident from this data that people find it extremely difficult to manage without their cell phones. Thus, IntelliBlast helps companies use this opportunity to reach out to customers quickly and conveniently. Text messages are designed to reach anyone instantly, anywhere, and anytime. Reach out to the world faster with IntelliBlast and improve customer engagement drastically.

Some of the unique features of our Automated Blast Platform are listed below-

  1. Interactive voice message blast: This feature combines the IVR service and call blast and automatically allows pre-recorded voice messages to be broadcasted to various groups. Responses are captured and stored from targeted clients to improve customer experience and enhance outreach efforts.
  1. Automatic redials: If calls go unanswered or disconnect during blast campaigns, IntelliBlast automatically redials them. With SMS and text message automation, businesses can schedule auto redials to customers who missed the call and ensure campaigns get maximum outreach.
  1. Blast reports: Upon blast completion, a delivery report will be emailed to a company portal to allow sales reps to refine the contact list accordingly. All companies have access to real-time status reports that analyze who did and did not receive the blast messages. The report feature helps businesses reduce the time spent on managing internal databases.
  1. Manual or automated blast campaigns: IntelliBlast enables a company to choose blast campaigns manually or from an automated process. The contact lists are checked by manually calling the numbers and sending regular updates to strengthen customer relationships. Campaigns may be initiated immediately or scheduled for a later period per the company’s preferences.

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