What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud Contact Center is an AI-driven customer solution that handles all inbound and outbound communication through various channels including, phone, email, chat and social media. The primary motive of a contact center is to provide meaningful service to anyone who interacts with their organization.

Intelliverse’ Contact Center Solution seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows to ensure an exceptional customer experience. It enables businesses to interact with their customers across multichannel via cloud-based IVR, ACD and VoIP services. Our software collects data and compiles it into a single customer profile so that you can manage your calls accurately and increase customer satisfaction. It is important to measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure a reliable and efficient customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

Listed below are some of the Contact Center metrics that can help monitor your call performance-

First call resolution: It is an essential component of customer relationship management that measures the percentage of client queries resolved in the first call. It also determines the sales agent’s ability to settle disputes without callbacks or follow-ups from the initial contact. The higher the FCR rate, the more satisfied your customers tend to be; thus, it is correlated with contact center efficiency. Intelliverse’s Cloud Contact Center provides an IVR and VOIP system that helps increase FCR rate and fix customer issues timely.

Average time in queue: This metric is calculated by dividing the total time callers wait in queues from the total number of calls answered by agents. High queue time would indicate a lack of essential contact center features like callback and routing, whereas a low queue time would imply that the organization has an excellent routing structure and well-configured software. Our Contact Center service helps businesses to reduce their average time in a queue as our agents handle high volume call effectively, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Transfer rate: It is used to determine how many calls are being transferred by a sales rep to another agent or supervisor in the prospecting stage. The reasons for transferring these calls may vary, but call transfers are generally seen negatively, and contact centers aim to reduce their call transfer rates. Intelliverse provides well-trained agents who are knowledgeable about the product your business offers so they can handle your calls professionally. If any customer needs to speak to a senior representative, we promptly route the calls to the concerned department.

Call abandonment rate: This metric measures the average number of callers who hung up or got disconnected before reaching a sales representative. Abandonment rate usually represents the performance of the overall call center customer service rather than just a single agent’s performance. Our Contact Center Solution provides real-time analytics so that your sales reps can track the inbound calls and work smarter. On the basis of these insights, they can prioritize the calls after analyzing the length of time waiting.

Customer churn rate: It simply determines the percentage of customers that stopped using your company’s product during a certain period. Tracking the churn rate lets businesses analyze their customer retention and gives valuable insights into their product’s performance. Along with product performance, this metric also ascertains the contact center’s efficiency. Contact center technology provides real-time analytics into the call performance, which managers can use to identify the loopholes and modify their services accordingly.

By measuring these Contact Center KPIs, your business can ensure a good CX strategy and personalize their customer experience, keeping the callers satisfied. The implementation of AI in contact centers has become a crucial part of CRM, and businesses are leveraging it by outsourcing contact center services. To learn more about Intelliverse’ Cloud Contact Center, reach out to us.