What are inside sales?

Inside sales are the process of selling products or services by phone, email, and the internet to reach customers rather than by meeting them physically. It has a high dependency on technology for its processes. An Inside sale is also called remote sales or virtual sales.

 Inside sales are mostly made in B2B environments; It is constantly evolving, and is now found that it is at a rate of 15 times faster than outside sales. It has faster growth because new technologies keep popping up and helps companies to achieve their goals. Inside sales adapt the sales process in which outreach to their prospects are more engaging and ensure flexibility to close deals faster.

Facts of inside sales

• Inside sales imply that salespeople work daily formal office environment

• The scenario of inside salespeople is more predictable, and they can examine or analyze the result

• Inside sales reps often have a significantly shorter sales cycle comparatively to outside sales

• Inside salespeople use tools like phones, email, and online to influence potential customers to purchase

• Inside sales reps tend to have regular, consistent working hours and have a target for the number of activities they accomplish each day

This brief information and facts will present to you the background view and understand of inside sales.


Inside sales are growing 15x faster than outside sales, and 46% of fast-growing tech companies use inside sales. For every outside sales rep that gets hired, ten inside sales reps get hired (https://zety.com/blog/sales-statistics#inside-sales)

In the US, out of the 5.7 million professional salespeople, there are approximately 47.2% inside sales reps. (https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/inside-vs-outside-sales)

Companies are constantly adding inside salespeople into organizations expecting a high turnover. It is identified inside sales reps can spend an average of 13% more time a week on selling than outside salespeople. (https://www.insidesales.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/State-of-Sales-9_15_17-Exec-Summary.pdf?f4bf21)

37% of high-growth companies use inside sales as their primary sales strategy. (https://spotio.com/blog/sales-statistics/)

5 Inside sales strategies for beginners

If you’re an inside sales beginner, here are some good inside sales strategies & tips:

Cold calling

Cold calling is one of the best techniques used for lead generation, and the success rate is 2.5% in the current marketing scenario. The purpose of a cold calling is to engage a prospect in a conversation, introduce the company’s product, and regulate the probable customer to buy their product. Its compulsory strategies are used in inside sales and also invites the prospect of different channels through phone calls.

Appointment setting

B2B Appointment setting  is used for primary activities aiming to boost your lead generation and sales. Appointment tools are widely used in inside sales departments, and it basically converts your deals into leads and also helps to connect with other companies. It helps you communicate with current and potential customers better, and it allows you to minimize risks; by all these features, your sales reps will be able to use them to leverage the sales process.

Email marketing

Email is an essential aspect for any business or company; it helps easily and rapidly share information or transfer files. It can be reached by a large number of people from various locations at the same time and it communication effective to be reached to customers plus it can be used for marketing purposes. Email is a preferred communication form as 78% of the business environment uses email marketing because of its low cost effective comparatively and also increases prospects.

Social media marketing

Social media provides enormous opportunities for businesses to grow plus create prospects and reach out to potential customers. The biggest advantage of social media is that you can create accounts on various social channels for promoting your brand and capturing the attention for your product or services, here LinkedIn is playing an important role as it creates social networks for business communities and provides huge recognition with the customers. The online survey says LinkedIn is the most professional of the major social networking websites, it is used by over 450 million business professionals worldwide.


Webinars are an informative tool, it acts as an interactive element which gives the ability to contribute plus discuss the business information. By hosting educational webinars mostly specific topics that include high insights from the business point of view are advised and managed; webinars are very essential because it tries to get even the crucial prospect information in B2b business and it is major merit of webinars. It also helps in directly answering the questions or enquires raised and ensure proper feedback it will be more an interactive session, this strategy seems to be very appealing to encourage more people to check it out.


Choosing inside sales is ferociously beneficial for the organization. Inside sales teams are the most essential part of a company to earn the revenue and accelerate its growth. Inside sales strategies have proven to have made many companies successful. A company that develops its business by enforcing both Inside Sales and outside sales strategy frequently and the integration of both sales progresses works more efficiently plus helps to be more productive. These strategies mentioned above create a huge impact for beginners in 2020.