Welcome to Part 2 of our Intelliverse Email Tracker journey! In this segment, we’ll explore the feature-packed Intelliverse Email Tracker dashboard, offering valuable insights into your email tracking statistics. Let’s dive in!

  1. Compose and Enable Tracking: Start by composing an email and click the tick icon in the bottom right corner to enable email tracking. Hit “Send” to dispatch your tracked email.
  2. Intelliverse Email Tracker Dashboard: Transition to the dashboard adorned with five icons – Mail, Analytics, Refresh, Settings, and Support – geared to enhance your tracking experience.
  3. The “Mail” Section: Click the “Mail” icon to view your tracked emails. Click on a recipient’s email address to unveil specific open time and location details.
  4. Exploring Analytics: Discover the “Analytics” section displaying vital tracking statistics – Emails Sent, Emails Tracked, Open Rate, and Avg Open Time.
  5. Detailed Email Statistics: Click “Emails Opened Stats” to access comprehensive insights into opened emails, including geographic location and device used.
  6. Unveiling Email Location and Device: Explore the “Email Location” option for geographical insights where your emails were opened. “Emails Opened Device” reveals the device or OS used.
  7. Refresh and Settings: Stay up-to-date by clicking the “Refresh” icon to update the dashboard. Manage your Intelliverse account details in the “Settings” section and upgrade to EmailTracker+ if desired.
  8. Support Assistance: For any queries or concerns, rely on the helpful Intelliverse support team by clicking on the “Support” icon.

Congratulations on mastering the Intelliverse Email Tracker dashboard! Now, effortlessly track your emails and access invaluable statistics to optimize your email communication. Maximize your email tracking capabilities and boost productivity with Intelliverse. Happy tracking!