ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Intelliverse announces the launch of its new Free Sales CRM with many industry-first features

Intelliverse, a global leader in Sales Acceleration solutions, has launched IntelliSales CRM today. IntelliSales CRM is an intelligent Sales CRM that is free for unlimited users and includes unlimited support. One of many innovative features is the pay-as-you-go calling feature from within the CRM. This allows businesses to set their own budget for CRM and sales software.

Along with this new free CRM, Intelliverse has brought its IntelliSales Dialer for CRM and MS Dynamics CRM into its new IntelliSales CRM. Z. Ed Lateef, Chairman of Intelliverse, said, “Our CRM is easy to use and designed by salespeople who understand the importance of simplicity when it comes to capturing customer data and pipeline opportunities.”

“We built IntelliSales CRM with a sales focus not available in the market today. We have also included outbound dialing and recording functionality to eliminate manual call logging for sales teams that provides transparency and coaching opportunities for management,” said David Godlewski, CEO of Intelliverse. “The ability to quickly import contacts, track analytics, and effectively manage the sales funnel from lead inception to close allows sales leaders to focus on maximizing revenue outcomes. Moreover, the integrated telephony provides much-needed sales efficiencies suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.”

The newly launched IntelliSales CRM solves pain points that salespeople have vocalized in the past with other customer relationship management platforms. Foresight has been applied in making the solution adaptable to upcoming changes in technology to maintain a competitive advantage in almost every market space from Technology/Software to Financial Services. It’s a fit for every business looking to improve sales and customer relationships while engaging in the latest market trends regardless of size and sector.

Intelliverse® is a global leader in sales accelerated enterprise software and managed services. The company’s IntelliSales Dialer software has been instrumental in making both outside and inside sales teams much more effective and efficient. In addition, their Managed Appointment Setting enables businesses to focus on closing sales by relying on Intelliverse for the top-of-the-funnel activities, such as appointment setting and lead qualification. Intelliverse has been delivering reliable, scalable, and flexible services for over three decades by constantly exploring innovative technologies and allowing customers to stay relevant in ever-changing business environments.

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