ATLANTA, March 25, 2020 ( – Intelliverse, a global cloud communications company that specializes in solutions that help businesses and customers connect, has announced that it will be providing the Premium version of its CRM, IntelliDialer Software for Salesforce and Cloud Contact Center free of charge for the next three months to all businesses that are affected by COVID-19.

Companies are scrambling to adapt to the new remote business environment as everybody is affected by the impact of COVID-19. As leaders and healthcare providers work tirelessly to keep everyone healthy and safe, Intelliverse would like to do its part to keep businesses moving.

“Businesses today should not miss a beat working remotely. We have all the technology available to be effective wherever you are. Intelliverse specializes in connecting businesses with customers, and our services can play a key role in your business continuity plans. Along with the 90-day free service, we are honored to provide free 24/7 support for easy and fast setup,” said David Godlewski, CEO of Intelliverse.

Intelliverse’s solutions and services will facilitate a seamless transition into a remote business environment. Intelliverse helps companies continue business by engaging and serving their customers better. Just click here to reach out to Intelliverse’s experts to get started in no time.

Intelliverse can also provide businesses with

• Appointment Setting Service

• Audio Conferencing

• Automated Attendant and Answering Service

• Call Forwarding Globally

• Contact Center Overflow

• Emergency Notification Service

• Voicemail

• Hosted PBX VOIP Lines for Remote Teams

Continued Service and 24/7 Support for All Customers

Intelliverse has activated its Business Continuity Plan, and its teams across the globe will continue to provide the same level of 24/7 customer support during this time.

Working from home has long been standard practice at Intelliverse. As a result, the transition from headquarters to home offices was done quickly and securely, and all Intelliverse employees are now working from home.


Heather Rowedda