Emails are one of the most powerful business communication tools as they help to increase customer engagement and connect businesses with clients on a personal level. As per Statista 2022 report, nearly 89.45% of Americans use emails in their daily lives. Email has become an effective marketing channel and companies are leveraging on it to enable their sales teams to work smarter.

Intelliverse’ Email Tracker Software enables your sales reps to when and where a prospect engaged with your emails. It offers real-time notifications to track when your emails were opened, on what device and at which location. Regular updates are also provided on the recipient’s action to time your follow-up accurately so that you can contact the hot leads promptly, leading to increased conversion rates.

Top 4 ways Intelliverse Email Tracker helps to improve your sales outcomes-

• Email scheduling: The time at which the email campaigns are sent play a significant role in deciding its performance. Intelliverse Email tracking software lets you schedule emails at the right time by analyzing the peak and low times through valuable insights. It enables you to test the data to explore which time slot works better for your audience. You can write your emails now and schedule them for later depending on your recipient’s time zone. By timing your emails precisely, businesses can improve their open rates, click throughs and outreach considerably.

• Easy tracking: Email tracker helps you in creating personalized and timely emails that resonate with your customer database. Organizations can stay on track with their emails and know their prospects’ position in the sales funnel. It promptly notifies when a recipient opens or clicks on any link in the email, increasing the chances of live interactions with prospects. Sales email tracking enables automated workflow based on triggers such as click rates, insights on number of times an email is opened etc. to empower sales reps to build long-term relationship with the prospects.

• Optimize insights: Free Email Tracker for Outlook and Chrome allows you to capture data on open rates, email location, as well as click-through on links and attachments. This helps businesses analyze customer behavior and identify buyer persona and market trends You can refer to specific emails that performed well among your recipients to increase the impact of your upcoming emails.

• Impactful follow-ups: With access to email analytics, you can better understand the behavior of your customers and market trends and send follow-ups at the right time. This helps you to focus on generating content which your prospects are more likely to engage, thus improving conversion rates. It saves times and prevents unnecessary follow-ups by identifying qualified leads. Following up with qualified prospects increases customer retention and effectively tracks your email campaign’s performance.

Intelliverse Free Email Tracker empowers sales agents to improve sales prospecting and increase email efficiency. Download the free plugin for Outlook and Chrome and start tracking your emails TODAY!