What is a Call blast?

Call blasting is an automated mass communication technology that allows businesses to send pre-recorded messages to multiple contacts at once. It is an efficient method to eliminate manual dialing and enables communication with a large target audience. Call blasts work similarly to an email blast. Contact numbers are dialed automatically, and an automated message plays once there is a connection.

Intelliverse offers a cloud application, IntelliBlast, which enables businesses and customers to connect better. Our service allows you to draft, record, and blast messages quickly from a single source to your entire calling list. You can make calls, send text, voice messages, or even choose a combination of these for message blasting. With access to a dedicated and well-trained account manager, quick customizations, and 24/7 support, businesses can boost their customer engagement drastically.

Top 5 advantages of IntelliBlast-

Easy implementation and engagement source: The time and effort you invest in implementing a new system may affect your working hours, profit margin, etc. But IntelliBlast takes a relatively shorter time to be integrated with your business operations and helps drive sales. As most people already use text and calls daily, it will be easier to train your sales teams. If your business uses complex ways to engage with your customers, this may deteriorate your customer experience and bring down retention rates. With our Automated Blast Service, you can easily communicate with your prospects via call, text, or voice messages.

Customized messaging: With access to the blast reports, your sales teams can track your messages and voicemails in real-time. After analyzing the final delivery reports, you can refine your contact list accordingly and work on scripts customized to suit your brand. Our Interactive Voice Message Blast allows you to send pre-recorded voicemails to a large group at once. By broadcasting personalized messages, your business will be able to enhance its outreach efforts drastically.

Flexibility: Call and text blast systems can play a vital role in improving the efficiency of your business operations. Thus, it’s essential to ensure the right software is in place for your business. IntelliBlast has a flexible system wherein a recorded message may be altered if need be. Combining all three, i.e., call blast, text blast, and voice blast builds a more effective communication channel with your customers.

Consistency: It is essential to be consistent during sales prospecting, but it becomes burdensome to call or text each prospect manually. Our Message Blasting Platform helps businesses maintain stability in their voice and tone. You can personalize your messages and cold calling scripts to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and leave a long-lasting impression on your callers.

Wider reach: Our IVR Call Blasting technology allows businesses to connect with their prospects across multi-channels. Nowadays, businesses need a quick response to their queries. IntelliBlast enables sales reps to instantly send text and voice messages to a large group of contacts.